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Abyss Break
Abyss Break



Abisu Bureiku

Parent Magic

Fire Magic
Earth Magic
Water Magic
Wind Magic


Jellal Fernandes
Super Mage Giant Phantom MK II
Trevor Ballad
Kaito Mizuno
Raziel Lux Narchis
Tyron Hunter

Abyss Break (煉獄砕破(アビス・ブレイク), Abisu Bureiku lit. Purgatory Breaking Wave) is a forbidden, uncategorized spell that is noted to be one of the most powerful spells to ever exist.


Abyss Break is a spell that has consequences the magnitude of what its name might suggests. While never explicitly shown to be used in combat, its effects, as described by Loke are that of a dark blast. Abyss Break uses the combination of four magic in order to be performed: Fire Magic, Water Magic, Wind Magic and Earth Magic, or any other appropriate derivatives of the aforementioned elemental magic. Uniquely, the spell absolutely requires the use of a magical circle, which is later seen as the four different magic are actually embedded into the said magical circle. Whilst the exact magnitude of the spell varies dependent on the amount of magical power within it, it may be theorized that the functionality of the spell works akin to that of a Unison Raid. Albeit, if one employs it by oneself, it can be called a "Self" Unison Raid; additionally, adhering to the Unison Raid his spell can be employed by four different users (such as the Element 4) or a single user with mastery over the four elemental types. The spell, thought to be powerful enough to destroy the R-System because of its use, is clearly a disaster simply waiting to happen.

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