Madame Suliman














Madame Suliman

Primary Magic


Secondary Magic

Water Magic, Tree magic


iman is a elderly woman who is bound to an luxurious wheelchair. She has grayish hair wrapped in a bud. she has a oval face and rather large body structure due to her robe. She also wears a bulky, red robe over her body that fur outlinings, with a sapphire necklace over it. She is known for sitting in her wheelchair, but carries a woooden staff that she use in conjucture with her magic.


Suliman is maipulative, domineering,and wise old woman who keeps her true nature hidden. AT first meets she is mistaken for a kind and understanding elderly woman with a soft heart. For those who know her, shes a severe woman with a fearsome and commanding presence that has no torelance for the weakminded. She has a militarlistic way and view of things that demands respect.She will unleash harsh actions for those who disobey her.


She hails from the Snow Country during the "Bloody Snow" era which was a multitude of wars that occured because of racial purity and pesecuted thoses with unique abilities.

Magic and Abilities

Stellis : a magic thats revolves around the user mainpulating stars and night sky

  • Etoiles de vortex (star vortex) - stars surround or circle the enemy attacking them
  • Stellis Bothynus (starlight meteor) - stars fall from the sky in columns striking the ground
  • Sideris partu (star birth) - numerous stars appear like the a night sky shinning so brightly they blind the opponent
  • Nox Caelum (night sky) - the user summons the night sky to intrap the opponent in a dark orb ; inside the orb is a separate dimmension suliman controls

Water magic : allows user to control water by manipulating a source of it or creating the water

  • Aquae Oblivionis - summons a powerful wave of water which washes away her opponents
  • Bibendum felis - the user creates numerous watery illusions of themselves or choosen image to confusion or taunt opponent
  • Deae pelagi amantem - the sky opens up in a circle formation and gallons of water pour from the clouds creating a sea sized water terra

Tree magic : allows user to summon trees

  • Flos Ortus - by hitting her wooden staff on the ground creates sakura trees from barren land to honor fallen loved one
  • Deae pelagi amantem
  • Stellis Borthynus
  • Suliman using Stellis magic
  • Magic glass orb
  • Flos ortus


  • I use a picture from fairy tail because of similatity to spell (anima) but cropped it
  • Suliman is based on character from Howls moving castle
  • names of spells come from latin and french language ; mostly latin

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