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An alias (エイリアス, Eiriasu) is a nickname given to a person, which usually comes from the thing which leaves the biggest impact about them such as the things tthey have done/achieved, their physical traits, personality or abilities. Code Names are also included in this list.

Legal Guilds and Mages

Fairy Tail

Name Alias Reason
Abbas KurokiAbang
Simple Nicknames.
Agari OyobareFragment of Death (死去の一個 Shikyo no Ikko)Due to being a fragment of Zeref.
Alan WolfGolden Fang (金色の牙 Kin'iro no Kiba)Unknown


Name Alias Reason
Akira KazemaHell's Left HandUnknown.

Quatro Cerberus

Name Alias Reason
Aaron MaynardGolden Fist (黄金拳 Kogane Ken)Unknown.
BacchusThe Drunk Falcon
Bacchus of the Drunk-Chop Hanging Fist
Due to his mastery of the Drunk-Chop Hanging Fist.

Raven Tail

Name Alias Reason
AnacondaSnake QueenDue to her usage of Snake Magic.

Roaring Revolutionaries

Name Alias Reason
Andrew LionheartGolden Prophet (金預言者 Kin Yogensha)Unknown.


Name Alias Reason
Alexander StrifeHunter from the South (南の猟師 Minami no Ryōshi)
Leader of the Arcana Squad (アルカナ一斉のリーダー Arukana Issei no Rīdā)
The Fool (だます Damasu)

Siren Feather

Name Alias Reason
Allyonert GrantzThe Frozen ButterflyDue to his usage of Ice-Make and his ability to transform into a butterfly.

The Three Knights Guild

Name Alias Reason
Alphonse EdmundThe Sound PuppeteerDue to his usage of Sound Magic.

Legal Organizations

Odd Jewels

Name Alias Reason
Adam RenCrimson Rain of Shame (恥の深紅色降雨 Haji no Shinkōshoku Kōu)Unknown.
Gale WattsonEmotionless Friend (無表情友人 Muhyōjō Yūjin)Unknown.
Jonathan StrifeGreat Mind (偉大心 Idai Kokoro)Unknown.
Samuel GoldBoss (上司 Jōshi)Due to being the manager of Odd Jewels.

Noble Families

Aria Family

Name Alias Reason
Lauren AriaOxygen of the Magic Council (魔法評議院の酸素 Mahō Hyōgīn no Sanso) Due to her affiliation with the Council and use Air Magic.
LennartJoshua Aria (ジョスア アリャ Josua Aria)Original name, renounced.
Mark AriaClear Wind (明風 Meikaze)
Blizzard (吹雪 Fubuki)
Due to his magical talent and jovial personality.
Due to his skill in Ice-Make.
Richard AriaRichard of the Diseases (疾患リチのャード Shikkan no Richādo)
Silver Crystal (銀色玻璃 Gin'iro Hari)
Due to his usage of Disease Scalpel Magic.
Due to his usage of Crystal-Make.

House of Lothlorien

House of Royard

Name Alias Reason
Dante RoyardPhantom King (ファントムキング Fantomu Kingu)
Solitary Fortress (独り城塞 Hitori Jousai)
Sword God (剣神 Kenshin).
Due to his usage of Take Over
Due to his skill with a sword.
Kadiz RoyardFather of Revolution (変革の乃父 Henkaku no Daifu).
The Demon Tamer (鬼使い Oni Tsukai)
Due to returning Bosco to a great military nation.
Rael RoyardThe Beast (ザビースト Za Biisuto)Due to his brutality in battle.
Seira RoyardLady Queen Bee (女王蜂 Joubachi-sama)Unknown.
Stephen RoyardArtist of Science and Technology (理工の画家 Rikou no Gaka)'Unknown.
Zigmund RoyardZiggy (ジギ Zigi).
Undefeated of the East (東方不敗 Tōhōfuhai).
Simple nickname.
Due to defeating many men in eastern Fiore's underground fighting arenas without losing once.

House of Vista

House of Xava

Name Alias Reason
Adele XavaThe Xava's Princess (すざばすぷりんせす Su Zabasu Purinsesu)Due to being the House of Xava's most prominent female member.
Charles XavaDragon of the Night (どらごん おうふ す ないと Doragon Oufu Su Naito)Unknown.
Dio XavaBringer of Chaos (ぶりんじゃあ おうふ ちゃおす Burinjaa Oufu Chaosu)Due to his cruelty in combat and unreasonable antics.
LilianaLili-ChanDio's petname for her.
Llane XavaXava's Redhead (ざばの朱髪 Zaba no Akagami)Due to his crimson red hair.

Dark Guilds

Angry Angels

Name Alias Reason
Adelle CrowleyThe Golden Beast of Prey (ざごるでんもうじゅう Za Goruden Moujuu)Unknown.

Bat Harem

Name Alias Reason
Alexa ChellierSex BatUnknown.


Name Alias Reason
AmaBloody AmaDue to her usage of Vampire Kirin Cleanser Magic.

Faux Babylon

Name Alias Reason
Albert SpaggiariTongue-Faced (タン面 Tanmen)Unknown.

Fraus Lumen

Name Alias Reason
Allen RodríguezCrimson Glass (紅玻璃 Kōhari)Due to his crimson hair and skill with Glass Magic.
Blair PriscillaSuccubus of the Dark (闇の夢魔 Yami no Muma)Due to her skill in seduction.


Name Alias Reason
AlanaSilver Wing (銀羽 Ginba)Unknown.
Ash SangriaRed Eyes of Dark Blood (黒血の紅目 Kurochi no Kōme)Due to his exploits among the original Balam Alliance.

Revolution Spire

Name Alias Reason
AokiFirestarterDue to his mastery of Fire Magic.

Slithering Serpent

Name Alias Reason
Ariel VardahShadow Mistress (影愛人 Kage Ajin)Due to her usage of Shadow Magic.


Name Alias Reason
AiasHidden Among the Masses (臥龍 Garyuu) Unknown.

Independant Guilds

Black Rose

Name Alias Reason
Alexzandra TalosWhite Flash
Deathly Bullet
The Deadly Succubus
The Wind of Karma
Alisa VeronicaThe Arrow of Justice
The Supreme Archer
Due to her archery skills.
Alma DeanWicked SakuraDue to her usage of both Plant Magic and the Black Arts.


Name Alias Reason
Alejandro MalbergHans Zarkov (ハンス ザーコブ Hansu Zaarukobu)Former name.


Name Alias Reason
Chrom ThorntonRed and Blue Fang (丹青牙 Tanseiga)Due to his abilities.

Twin Stallion

Name Alias Reason
Alessandro BarbossaBakeneko (化け猫 lit. Monster Cat)Due to his style of Take Over.

Wolfram & Hart

Name Alias Reason
Aleister CrowleyThe Wickedest Man in the World
Prince of Lies

Mercenary Guilds

Crow Talon

Name Alias Reason
Anthony NormandHeartless Silver (非情銀 Hijougin)Unknown.

Independant Mages

Independant Legal Mages

Name Alias Reason
Agata RomanovLady of the LakeUnknown.
Agrona ZephyrusVile Bone Goddess (卑しい骨女神 Iyashīko Megami)Due to her violent traits and magic.
AkatsuchiGlorious White Knight (麗らか白馬の騎士 Uraraka Hakubanokishi)Due to mastering Requip as a child.
Alistar RyzeDark Haired DemonUnknown.
ArngrimBlue Phantom (蒼幻 Sōgen)Due to his refined speed.
Collan DeliveranceAssistant Manager (係長 Kakarichō)
Dark Angel (暗闇天使 Kurayami Tenshi)
Due to his position as Assistant Manager of Odd Jewels

Independant Dark Mages

Name Alias Reason
Abaddon GodspellThe Black Reaper (黒の死神 Kuro no Shinigami)Due to his former position as a deathscythe.
Agatha SulimanMadame SulimanTitle.
AlyxHell's SeductressUnknown.
Anguis BaneEternal Serpent (限りない蛇 Kagihebi)Due to his research involving Snake Magic.
Antonio VittoreThe Dark Poet (黒詩人 Kuro Shijin)Due to his unorthodox magical abilities and status as a poet.

Magic Council


Name Alias Reason
Adam AriaChild of the Cutting Winds (錐風の子 Kirikaze no Ko)Unknown.

Omega Knights

Name Alias Reason
AegisAegis the Defender (弁護人盾 Bengonin Tate)Unknown.

Rune Knights

Name Alias Reason
Alexander OuranosCold Dead Eyes (冷たい死んだ目 Tsumetai Shinda-me)Due to the cold look he gives his enemies.
Amelia KeizenLioness of the Crimson Sun (紅日の獅子 Kurenaihi no Shishi)Due to her appearance and personality.
Ankoku JoukeiPoseidon (海神 Kaijin)Due to his skill in water and quake magic.

Ten Wizard Saints

Name Alias Reason
Agito TachibanaThe One Who Evades DeathDue to her status as a Nightwalker.

Fiore Royal Military

Covert Special Task Force

Name Alias Reason
Ayame HibikiAyame the Sharpshooter (狙撃兵菖蒲 Sogekihei Ayame)Due to her skill with Guns Magic.

The Army

Name Alias Reason
Azuki IsshiAzuki the Devil (小豆悪魔 Azuki Su Debiru)Due to her fierceness in battle.

Fiore Regal Academy of the Combat Arts

Name Alias Reason
Ashgrove WhitetailAsh (灰 Kai)Simple nickname.


10 Paths of Mastery

Name Alias Reason
Adam RenCrimson Rain of Shame (恥の深紅色降雨 Haji no Shinkōshoku Kōu)Due to being the first master of the Path of Shame.
Allen MoretsukenTiger of Toughness (靱性の虎 Jinsei no Tora)Due to being the second master of the Path of Toughness.

Bureau of Magical Development

Name Alias Reason
Angelica HowardThe Possessor (所持者 Shojisha)Unknown.

Chiron Express

Name Alias Reason
Alisa FortescueConductor (導体 Dōtai)Due to her postition as the Conductor of the Chiron Express.

Death Knights

Name Alias Reason
Asif GavrielHarvester of Darkness (取闇 Toyami)Unknown.

Deceased Characters

Name Alias Reason
AguraAgura from the East (胡座の東 Agura no Higashi)Unknown.
AlphaFirst Clone of Alexander (アレクサンダーの初めてクローニング Arekusandā no Hajimete Kurōningu)
Damian Strife (ダミアン紛争 Funsō Damian)
Due to being the first clone of Alexander Strife.
His given name.

Factis Academia

Name Alias Reason
AguraBoy of Warmth (温もりの少年 Nukumori no Shōnen)Due to his warm nature.


Name Alias Reason
Agana Musubi Born of Blood (血生 Kesshō)Due to her method of creation.
Alice HellblazerMost Powerful Woman (最も強力な女性 Mottomo Kyōryokuna Josei)Unknown.
Angel StraightSorano Aguria (ソラノアグリア Sorano Aguria)Real name.
Antonio BuchananHe Who Fans Flames (彼の煽火 Kare no Aoen)Unknown.
Dan StraightAzure Knight of Cedar (杉の蒼騎士 Sugi no Sōkishi)Unknown.

Celestial Spirits

Name Alias Reason
AndromedaThe Chained PrincessDue to her status as the Princess constellation; Andromeda.
AndromedaThe PrincessDue to her status as the Princess constellation; Andromeda.