Guild One
Angel Wing



Tenshi no tsubasa




Tsuru Tobirama

S-Class Mages

Sora Petkov
Arques Bastia
Helen LeBlanc


Legal Guild


Fantaisie Island

The Angel Wing Guild is a powerful mage guild on the mysterious island of Fantaisie.The guild is unknown to most others and as such is sent the most secretive if assignments. Their island doesn't have much on it so the guild pretty much covers most of it, resulting in it's massive size. The guild master is a famed old mage known as Tsuru Tobirama. The guild's symbol is a feather shaped whisp with two lines above the whisp resembling feathers, the symbol resembles a wing hence the name Angel Wing.

Location and Building

The Guild's building is actually several buildings over the entirity of Fantaisie Island, but the main structure is a palace like building ontop of a hill top. It has trees around the base and stairs leading up to it, it also has two spires with pointed roofs and the inside is like a city with hundreds of stair cases, smaller buildings and a wall around the edge over looking the ocean.


Name Rank Team Status
Tsuru TobiramaGuild MasterNoneActive
Helen LeBlancS-Class MageNoneActive
Sora PetkovS-Class MageNoneActive
Arques BastiaS-Class Level MageNoneActive
Rosa FortunaS-Class Level MageNoneActive
Moschetti D'oroS-Class Level MageNoneActive
Haku NadareS-Class Level MageNoneActive
Takeshi MiyamotoS-Class Level MageNoneActive

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