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Apus the Bird of Paradise is a Silver Key owned by Sengoku Orichiba .


Apus has a unique appearance, even for a celestial spirit as she has bright yellow skin eminatting an orange aura. She also has no facial features or feet, which has gained her the monicker Apus the No-Feet. Her most notable features are her enormous, rainbow coloured metal wings and shields on each of her arms with a red jewel in the center.


She is a warm, gentle and caring spirit and seems to deeply care for her owner. She also has a habit of summoning herself in the midst of battle, causing no expense of Sengoku's magical power. She seems to love picking flowers and hates anything that smells horrible to her.

Magic and Abilities

Vast Magical Energy: She has a great amount of magical power being able to remain in the human world for hours and not feel any effect. She has also stated that her limit is 23 hours and 30 minutes.

Flight: Her large metal wings allow her the ability to fly in the air with almost no restrictions to altitude. Her speed is also remarkable as she carries huge metal shields in battle.

Swordsmanship Skills: She has also shown some skill in swordsmanship as she re-quips a longsword in battle which has a long white handle and the guard is shaped the same as her shields.

Rainbow Wings: Her Main fighting style which allows her to control the wings she has on he back for various purposes. These include things so basic like flight to more complex things like firing the 'feathers' like darts.

Requip: She can also use basic re-quip to summon and store her longsword in battle.


She is based on Amaterasu from Shin Megami

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