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Arc of Embodiment



Gugen no Āku


Caster Magic
Lost Magic



Arc of Embodiment (具現のアーク, Gugen no Āku) is a Caster-Type Lost Magic which resolves around imagination


Arc of Embodiment is a dangerous magic to everyone who faces it, primarily because of its extremely daunting capabilities. As the name might suggests, Arc of Embodiment essentially allows an individual to embody anything within their imagination to established reality; a form of reality warping, in that sense. By using their own magical power and combining it with their willpower, the Arc of Embodiment can give physical sustenance to anything that the user desires. This can range from a simple pair of spectacles to giant monstrosities of magic, provided that they are within the limitations of the magical power the user possesses. Furthermore, dependent on the skill the user holds with the magic, the constructs can be rapidly created in order to avoid very fast magic with quite some ease.

While this magic is noted for its strengths, there is a crippling weakness within the magic: it cannot alter established reality. This prominently connects with the natural phenomena that exists in the current world. For example, the user is not able to imagine a thunderstorm, or any other weather-based phenomenon that directly intervenes with what is currently occurring. Another example of this is the inability to manipulate life or death directly. While they may summon a death-inducing beast of some kind, imagination of someone dead and bringing that into reality is beyond their limitations.