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Arc of Embodiment
Arc of Embodiment



Gugen no Āku


Caster Magic
Lost Magic


Bijonari Nushi
Miriam Cade
Kage Tokomodo
Jinaflora Lyle
Tenzo Kuruma

Arc of Embodiment (具現のアーク, Gugen no Āku) is a Caster-type Lost Magic that utilizes the power of imagination to fuel it.


Arc of Embodiment is a dangerous magic to everyone who faces it, primarily because of its extremely daunting capabilities. As the name might suggests, Arc of Embodiment essentially allows an individual to embody anything within their imagination to established reality; a form of reality warping, in that sense. By using their own magical power and combining it with their willpower, the Arc of Embodiment can give physical sustenance to anything that the user desires. This can range from a simple pair of spectacles to giant monstrosities of magic, provided that they are within the limitations of the magical power the user possesses. Furthermore, dependent on the skill the user holds with the magic, the constructs can be rapidly created in order to avoid very fast magic with quite some ease.

While this magic is noted for its strengths, there is a crippling weakness within the magic: it cannot alter established reality. This prominently connects with the natural phenomena that exists in the current world. For example, the user is not able to imagine a thunderstorm, or any other weather-based phenomenon that directly intervenes with what is currently occurring. Another example of this is the inability to manipulate life or death directly. While they may summon a death-inducing beast of some kind, imagination of someone dead and bringing that into reality is beyond their limitations.


Rustyrose's Spells

  • Guardian Saint Beast: Belcusas the Thunderclap (守護聖 獣迅雷のベルクーセス, Shugo Seijyū Jinrai no Berukūsesu): An enormous, heavily-armored, and physically powerful creature that Rustyrose imagined into existance to fight on his behalf.
  • Jet Black Sword (漆黒の剣, Shukkoku no Tsurugi): Rustyrose can transform his right arm into this claw-like sword which is capable of extending itself over long distances. It supposedly can cut through anything.
  • Image: With a wave of his hand, Rustyrose can produce an image into the air. He produced an image of Zeref into the air.
  • Golden Shield (黄金の盾, Ōgon no Tate): Rustyrose transforms his left hand into a large golden shield which is supposedly capable of repelling any attack. Used against Elfman after the latter took over Rustyrose's Jet Black Sword.
  • Glasses: After Rustyrose's glasses were crushed by Elfman, he was vulnerable to Evergreen's petrification powers, so he materialized a new set of glasses over his eyes to save himself from petrification just in time.
  • Tower of Dingir (ディンギルの塔, Dingiru no Tō): Rustyrose conjures a massive tower that rises out of the ground, immobilizing and dragging his opponents with it in the process. After a short duration, the entire tower explodes, creating a devastating shockwave that can be felt and heard from miles away. This was used against Elfman and Evergreen to defeat them.
  • Pegasus Wings (天馬の翼, Tenma no Tsubasa): Rustyrose can create wings on his feet this grant him the ability of flight and speed.
  • Sacred Guardian Beast, Belfast the Hurricane (守護聖 獣疾風のベルファースト, Shugo Seijyū Shippū no Berufāsuto): Rustyrose creates another giant guardian like Belcusas to fight against the enemy. How strong it is or what its abilities are is unknown since it quickly fell to Bickslow's Human Possession Magic.
  • Ghosts of the Britear (ブリティアの亡霊, Buritia no Bōrei): Rustyrose envelops his enemies in a wave of ghostlike entities, which wrap around them and immobilize them.
  • Sacred Guardian Beast, Belignis the Inferno (守護聖 獣焦熱地獄のベルフイグニス, Shugo Seijyū Shōnetsujigoku no Beruigunisu): Rustyrose creates another giant guardian like Belcusas to fight against the enemy. It appears as a gigantic armoured being with wings of flame. Belignis can shoot fireballs, fire torrents, and fire pillars from its claws and feet.

Bijonari's Spells

  • Imagine Art: This spell allows Bijon to create any sort of being, object (including weapons, tools, buildings, vehicles, etc), power, etc. by simply using art.
  • Existence Wipe: With this spell Bijonari can remove the memories/knowledge of a target (person, object, etc.) from history, a timeline or existence entirely. No evidence of the person or object having ever existed will remain; the target exists physically afterwards, but nothing and no-one will know who or what they are.
  • Planeswalking: Bijonari can travel to other planes of existence, myriads of different realities all simultaneously coexisting within the same expanded cosmology.
  • Concept Shaping: With this Bijob can manipulate all existent concepts and create new ones or even change those concepts and their definition. He can warp a universal idea or create them out of nothing. A concept is an idea/definition for anything concrete or abstract (E.g: Concept of Time and Concept of Space) in the universe. By creating a concept Bijon is able to define its fundamental bases and apply it for several ways or change existant concepts like reality or energy to enhance it or decrease its effects in various scales.
  • Fantasy World: Bijon can bring any materials, beings or tools originating from his imagination into existence and literally bring his wildest ideas into reality. He is able to manipulate the boundary between fantasy and reality (what is and what isn't), turning one into the other and blurring the border between them. It allows Bijon to bring anything into existence, including impossible things - especially impossible things, as fantasies care little about reality's limitations. Fantasies can be brought to life as independent existences, or infused into reality in more subtle ways. Bijon can also turn aspects of reality into fantasies, making them vanish as having never existed. By combining these two aspects, he can remodel existing things to his liking, or replace them with something entirely new.

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