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Arc of Horizon



Tengai no Āku


Caster Magic
Lost Magic


Dorothy Furlan Liberi


Arc of Horizon (天涯のアーク, Tengai no Āku) is a unique magic whose origins are shrouded in mystery. Whether it is a lost magic, buried beneath the river of time, or something entirely new created by the equally enigmatic sorceress Dorothy Furlan Liberi, it is a power said to bridge heaven and earth itself. Arc of Horizon allows its practitioner the ability to create, manipulate or destroy boundaries. The extent of this magic has yet to be truly seen, yet it is one with great potential. Dorothy has demonstrated on occasion her prowess, by creating potent unbreakable barriers, to dimensional gateways that can lead to virtually anywhere, be it a physical land or the very mindscape of her opponent. She has even created portals to an empty realm devoid of all life itself, home to strange multifaced creatures or terrible origins. It has been branded a forbidden magic by the Magic Council, and is only to be used in varying capacities at their discretion. Its powers are such that Dorothy can seal off portions of reality itself, or draw she and her opponents into fantastical realms where the laws of physics are skewed. Typically though her magic is reserved for teleportation, transporting objects, magic or even her enemies elsewhere as she see's fit. Dorothy however has revealed to the satisifaction of the Magic Council, a number of weaknesses.


First and foremost Dorothy can only open two gateways at any given time, an entry and exit, alternatively she can simply create and enclosed space around her, preventing all entry or exit. Furthermore the realms or dimensions she creates bridges to, has to be known to her, she cannot create a boundary to an existence she is unaware of. Furthermore using this magic frequently in one area tends to disrupt the general dimensional stability resulting in dimensional tears leading to unknown dimensions, leading to her own hesitance to overusing this power. Though some on the Magic Council believe this to be a ploy orchestrated by Dorothy to placate their concerns, that the weaknesses are lies. Regardless, Dorothy remains constrained by these conditions.

Behind the Scenes

Arc of Horizon is inspired by the abilities of the character Yukari Yakumo whom Dorothy's appearance is based after. Her magic revolved around the manipulation of Boundaries as well, though this author has taken liberties in regards to its usage. All credit goes to the original author for the idea.

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