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Arc of Integration



Tōgō no ko


Caster Magic
Lost Magic

Arc of Integration is a Lost Magic that functions in a similar manner to Take Over. Schild claims he is the only being capable of successfully using it due to his naturally inhuman levels of magical power, suggesting that if someone with a lower level of power attempts to use it it can cause more harm than good. Due to the way it functions (absorbing, then magically empowering weapons and offensive magic) it is considered by some to be the "Ultimate Magic" as it allows its user to use insanely powerful spells without having to dedicate time to learning them.


Arc of Integration allows its user to integrate a object into their magical power. From that moment on the user is than able to transform a part of their body into a magically enhanced version of said object. It seems there is no limit to the number of objects one can integrate, however a person can only absorb as many items as their magical power can hold. Though it is possible to proform a "Full Body" transformation with this magic, it runs the risk of permanetly trapping the user's body in the transformed state, robbing them of the magic entirely. This risk can be negated by the user having magical power on par with the equivilent of three armies or more.

Schild reveals that the Arc of Integration also allows the Integration of living beings, however this is riskier due to the fact the being might resist integration, and even after being integrated its will can still influence the magic.


  • Integration: The most basic spell of the Arc of Integration, and necessary for nearly every other spell to be performed. The user wraps their aura around an object and then 'remembers' the exact properties of the object. This process takes between ten seconds and ten minutes, depending on the size and complexity of the object. The speed of integration is affected by how many materials, the number of faces, the number of moving parts, and many other things.


  • The name Arc of Integration was an idea given by Per, credit goes to her.