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Arc of Oblivion
Arc of Oblivion



Caster Magic; Lost Magic



Arc of Oblivion is an immensely powerful Lost Magic that allows the user absolute control of memory. This power can be used in various ways for several purposes, for example, erasing a mage's memory on how to use his/her magic and making them powerless or adding the memory that they are being burned to cause severe pain.


This magic is one of the several magics that were created by the black mage, Zeref. He used this magic mainly to weaken his opponents, before utterly defeating them with his other magics.


Its main weakness is that the user can only focus the magic on one target at a time, and can't attack many people at the same time. The affects of this magic can also be stopped by a mage of great magical power like Makarov or Hades.

Spells and techniques

  • Oblivion: Pain → The user adds the memory of being burned to the opponent, causing severe pain that can severely weaken the user, making him open to the next attack. While this spell doesn't cause any physical harm, it can cause great pain.
  • Oblivion → The signature spell, in which the user erases his opponent's memory on how to control his/her magic, making them powerless.
  • Memory Archive → The user can store archives of memories, that serve as records of centain events. The memory that is stored can also be transferred to other people.
  • Memory Transfer → The complete opposite of Oblivion; the user transfers any memory to the target, instead of erasing it.
  • Oblivion Blast → The user fires an highly concentrated beam of magical energy that can cause a great amount of devastation.
  • Oblivion: Illusion → The user adds the memory of them being attacked by a huge monster to the opponent, causing the creation of an illusion.
  • Oblivion: Death → The user erases his opponent's memory on how to breathe, making the opponent unable to breathe, thus, causing him/her to die.
  • The Judgement: Repentance → The user erases his opponent's memory of everything he/she needs to know, and must know, like breathing or moving. The user then hits them with a powerful punch imbued with magical power, that can easily kill a mage as powerful as Jose Porla. While this spell negates the weakness of being blocked by a mage of great magic power, it drains a huge amount of magical power, forcing rest for at least two days.

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