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"A moment passes, the magician gone. Suddenly he is... everywhere. Faster than time can keep track of, he flows through the scenery, not one of the hundred fighters grasping his existence. Then, he stands before the king. And as he rips his hand through flesh and intestines, all fall down together. He is everywhere where he wants to be, whenever he wants to be. Blood dripping slowly from his sleeve, the man with the azure hair turns around and looks the last terrified survivor into his eyes. Within his shadow, seven monstrous tails stretch out across landscape, eclipsing all what lies beneath. The last thing the soldier sees is that horrific grin, both on the man dripping with blood and the same man whose hand is united with his stomach."
— Arc of Ubiquity
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Arc of Ubiquity



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Arc of Ubiquity (遍在のアーク, Henzai no Āku) is an ancient magic, in elder days only used and bestowed on mortals by the gods themselves. Penetrating the heart of the unreachable heavens, Sasayaki stole the primordial secret and destroyed all instructions to it's workings, preventing anyone else to thread in his footsteps. A power nearing the divine, Arc of Ubiquity allows the user to be "only everywhere [they] want to be". This is no Teleportation Magic, no, it is far superior to that. Teleporting is a means of crossing distance, to get from one point to another. And no matter how this swift this process may complete itself, it will always take a window of time. This magic allows one to be somewhere, to be everywhere they want to be. It takes no time at all to stay in one place, and with Arc of Ubiquity the user has always been in that place, and will always be. Henceforth, it takes them no time to be on different locations simultaneously, granting them true 'omnipresence'.

Whatever limitations there are, a master of illusions such as Sasayaki has no we demonstrating them to the outside world.