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Armor God Crown





Holder Magic


Peach Lexina

 Armor God Crown(鎧神令  Gaijinkan) Is a rare Holder Magic created by the founders of The Four Cardinal Spirits to control a special army for the Celestial Spirit World. The current user of this magic is Peach Lexina.


With Armor God Crown, the user is capable of using a special crown in order to control armored beings. More specifically, when the user slips a specialized crown upon their head, the crown forges a link with the Celestial Spirit World, drawing Celestial Spirit energy from that world and channeling it briefly into the crown.

Celestial Armor Soldier

With a single thought, the user dispels that mass of Celestial Sprit energy outwards; while this can actually work as a wave of energy to ward off attackers, the proper use is far more strategic. When the Celestial Spirit energy amassed in the crown is sent outwards, it locks onto its targets—numerous Lacrima cores embedded in metallic armor golems. Upon contact, the Celestial Spirit energy is capable of rousing the Lacrima cores of the countless armored behemoths; imbuing the armored beings with Celestial Sprit energy, giving them life as well as control over them, working as an army which the wearer of the crown wields. These golems become self-aware, but they always listen to the user of the crown. The user can command the golems strategically, and they possess enormous power and strength—in addition, some possess various magic. 

The headpiece that is required to control the living suits of armour is noted to be a steel headpiece which is curved downwards, mostly consisting of a three-pronged protrusion; only with more curves and less edges. On both ends, it has a padlock on each side which seem to gather eternano; and all across the headpiece, there are numerous carvings which seem to glow when the power is active. 


  • The magic is based off of The Golden Army from Hellboy
  • The crown has only ever been used by the ancestor of Peach, meaning she is the only one who knows about it's existance
  • The armor's often lay dormint until the user puts on the crown and activates the magic