Ash Sumaru
Inuzuka Ashi 2
Name Ash Sumaru
Kanji 灰スマル
Romanji Ash Sumaru
Race Human
Birthday 4th October
Age 14
Gender Male
Eyes Green
Hair Blue/Green
Blood Type Rh-
Unusual Features Cross shaped scars on both cheeks
Professional Status
Affiliation Honeybee Guild
Previous Affiliation {{{previous affiliation}}}
Occupation Candidate for S-Class Mage
Previous Occupation {{{previous occupation}}}
Team Team Daisuke
Personal Status
Marital Status {{{marital status}}}
Relatives Taichi Sumaru
Education Basic
Magic Arc of De-Evolution, Speed Magic, Chi Magic
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Ash Sumaru the Feral, is a candidate for S-Class Mage of the Honeybee Guild and a member of Team Daisuke. He is a lost magic user and commonly fights with Daisuke Hotarubi often leading to the 'intervention' of Natsuhi Boshi always resulting in even more violence. He is a major supporting character in Fairy Tail: Golden Hive .




Magic and Abilities


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