Binding Hearts Guild





Defense against Dark Guilds and all other criminals.

Binding Hearts Guild (結合意気, Ketsugō Iki; "Binding Heart's") is a Guild notorious for their destructive tactics and strong bonds between it's members. Several of the Binding Hearts Guild members have formerly been aligned with the likes of the Dark Guild, Raven Tail.

Location and Design

Situated within the Kingdom of Fiore, the Binding Hearts Guild takes up home in Evergrove City, a fairly well populated city known for it's Grand Market (広大市, Kōdai Ichi; Literally "The Great Market"). The Guild takes home in the cities largest building, funded by the richest family in town who also has several representatives within the Guild itself. The building was built to meet the need of every guild member; including Housing for each member if they need, catered food 24/7, fully functional hot springs, Relaxation Room, Job's Board, Guild Master's Hall and the Binding Hearts Hall which is where the blunt of the members are normally found. Funded by the Regalia Family.

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