Binding Magic



Ketsugō no Mahō




Tethys Loxart

Binding Magic (結合の魔法 Ketsugō no Mahō) is a Caster Type Magic and one of the three Magics of Origin; used to control the required objects needed to rebuild the scarred parts of Earthland. It is used by Akatsuchi and Tethys Loxart.


This magic gives users the ability to divide their spirit and place it in an object or a body of matter; making that object apart of their being. Users can divide their spirit into as many parts as they wish. However, the more a spirit is divided, the more difficult it becomes to control an object; this includes thier own bodies. If a user places a piece of their spirit into a living creature, it will be under the user's control unless it is able to fight off the user. The larger the portion of the user's spirit is placed in a body of magic, the easier it will be to possess it.


Tethys' Spells

  • Astral Projection (幽体離脱 Yūtai Ridatsu): Tethys is able to completely remove her spirit from her body, binding it with the air. She can then move her spirit around freely and possess objects and living creatures easier than if she were to only place a single piece of her spirit in it. However, in this state, Tethys' body is completely vulnerable. If her body is destroyed, then Tethys will have to find another body of matter to live in. Her spirit cannot be seen unless someone has the ability to see spirits. However, her presence can be sensed by some mages.

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