Black Gate Prison
Black Gate



Josho Gantz


"To lock away the scourge of the earth."

Black Gate, also known as "The Great Prison", is a high level maximum security prison. It is the highest level and most secure prison in Fiore, greatest criminals in the world of Magic go here. It is located in the desert region of Fiore.



There are various sections in the prison, labelled in letters and numbers, from A to E, and 1 to 5. E is the top level where the lesser ranked criminals are kept, while section A, are where all the top criminals are kept.

Most of the top ranked female criminals are kept in sections A-3, A-4, and A-5, as that is where both Shivia and Ikaros are kept.

Black Gate Staff

High Ranked Staff


Notable Prisoners

Prisoners of great merit, that have been revealed, who are likely in the most secure section.


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