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Black Magic (魔術 Majutsu) in simple terms, is any form of Magic utilised by a Mage or even a standard Human for inherently evil purposes. Black Magic is said to be the origin of the Black Arts utilised by few, powerful Dark Mages, and this practice has been dabbled in for thousands upon thousands of years.


The term Black Magic is a very loose term, and essentially, can never be truly defined as any specific form or practice. But rather, it is a term that signifies any form of malevolence, and antagonistic nature towards an individual or an object. Opposed by "White Magic", Black Magic is essentially the manifestation of any negative emotion towards a particular individual or general group. These manifestations can take any form, from the simple, "accident", to phenomena such as Necromancy and Death Magic. Black Magic does not necessarily have to include Faith in it's practice, and can simply be the powerful projection of any intention. As such, Black Magic performed by scores of individuals who have the same intention can magnify the chances of the said phenomena occurring in one-form or another against the intended target. Black Magic may be performed without the user's own knowledge, as a simple statement full of intention such as "I hope you die in a hole!" to an individual with the negative intent such as anger or hatred, it can be classified as a form of Black Magic. Black Magic does not necessarily have to be utilised with rituals, invocations, fetishes or even circles. The casting of any spell comes from the inner desire of causing misfortune upon the said individual, these formalities are a way of magnifying your intentions into a physical form, thus, causing the magic to be enhanced.


Black Magic has it's apparent weaknesses despite it's tremendous amount of usage. Black Magic is essentially the manifestation of any form of negative will against an opponent, as such, a weak resolve or intention can possibly backfire against one's own being, causing the practitioner to be affected in a negative way. Black Magic is also able to be negated by those with an inherent positive nature. These are called "vibrations" which are essentially your emotional state. If you're currently in a state of fear, sadness, shame or guilt, then Black Magic is almost guaranteed to be effective against you. However, if you are in a state of happiness, love or compassion, it is likely to be ineffective against you due to a projection of Psychic shields protecting you against this Black Magic. Black Magic may also be blocked by certain Good Luck Charms, such as Amulets, Charm Bracelets, Touch Pieces, Painted Pebbles, or even artifacts such as Natsu Dragneel's scarf, which was able to protect him against Zeref's Death Magic, a potent form of Black Magic.

Forms of Black Magic

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