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Bleed is the apparent leader of a mysterious group of mages that are searching for ultimate power.


Not much is known about Bleed's past. What is known is that he once lived in a small town and was a member of a reltively small guild. One day, a stranger appeared and questioned the guildmaster about the location of the ultimate power. The guildmaster denied knowing anything, but the stranger kept pushing, however the guildmaster still denied knowing anything. So the stranger killed him, all the guild members and levelled the guild building. Bleed was away from the guild when the it was destroyed and so survived the attack. He found the guildmaster who told him everything and about the ultimate power. He told Bleed that he needs to seek it out because the memory of its location had been blocked from the guildmaster's mind by its true guardian, which is why he could not tell the stranger or protect the guild. Bleed agreed and after burying his former guildmates he began training and searching for this ultimate power.

He eventually met X and Lazarus and although he was initially distrustful of them joined them in their search for the same power.


Bleed originally appears cold and distant, however even though he hasn't known the other members of his group for very long he sees them as his friends and would gladly lay down his life for them, even though he wouldn't admit it. The reason why he does not appear to care about people is because he is afraid he will lose them the same way he lost his guildmates

Magic and Abilities

Energizer: Bleed's main form of magic allows him to turn nearly anything he touches into an energy weapon allowing him to be highly versatile. Bleed usually uses a wooden sword as his main weapon, but can also use it to create weapons out of non-lethal objects such as twigs. When significantly energized Bleed can easily cut through most materials with little resistance.

Blood Claw: Blood Claw manifests as two large scythe-like blades, made of blood, extending from long cuts on his forearms. While the blades are typically two to three feet long, Bleed has demonstrated the ability to greatly lengthen them allowing him to attack people at range, without using more blood. Bleed is able to use this ability in conjunction with his Energizer to greatly increase its power.

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