• Leviadragon666

    Need Advice.

    August 3, 2017 by Leviadragon666

    Leviadragon666 (talk) 03:41, August 3, 2017 (UTC))

    Hello. In case you don't know, I'm Leviadragon666. I'm currently at work writing my fanfiction featuring my OC Willy Falconer. For the most part I'm ready to get to work on him, but I have to get permission first because he's a dragon slayer. For Willy to fully be approved, I have to make a complete character with quality and detail. I can kinda get it, but I don't know what else to add for Tu Chi because she's the only one I have so far. Not to mention that this is the first time I've done something like this before. So what I wanna know is Tu-Chi decent enough. Does she have enough detail or quality? The link to her is below.

    Feel free to let me k…

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  • IzumiNakamura1

    free pass?

    August 1, 2017 by IzumiNakamura1

    Hello friends,my names is Isaac and i am one Portuguese tourist using the translator. my Message is directed to all administrators, I am here to ask for a "free pass" to use the posts in my future fanfiction, I have gathered more than a thousand ideas (literally) and I have many plans but I would not like to simply steal them, Permission or at least limitations (I will not copy, I will just take basic concepts and I will adapt them and modify them to be the least possible with the original)

    please,I have many dreams and I plan a year to start posting on the Brazilian Spirit Fanfic page and have people reading and enjoying what I have always loved to do. write

    Send your answers on my talk page or whatever you prefer, please !!

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  • Sreshtiyer

    Well, now that FT is at its end, I wanna try implementing an idea I had for quite some time and I would love if someone feels like they wanna contribute as well. Seems only right I try this now. So basically I'm thinking about writing a fanfiction story of an FT alternative timeline, where after Acnologia's attack on Tenrou Island, Wendy is the sole survivor. Almost half dead, she somehow makes her way to the outside, and struggles to survive. In the meantime, Acno takes his time destroying everything in his path, decimating almost everyone who could stand up to him. 7 years pass by, and Wendy, now 19, along with Sting and Rouge, her best friends, are what's left of the defenders against Acno. Together, they strive to end his mad reign. Wh…

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  • LastationLover5000

    Every time I walk through that feels like the first time. To those new to the blog, welcome, to my continued readership, all I have to say is thanks. SARA, how's it looking?

    All systems are up and running TOM; are you ready?

    This isn't a review. Anyone looking at the odd formatting of the title can see that. This isn't a 'Aha is quitting the wiki' blog either, though the title would certainly indicate that. No, what I'm bidding farewell to today, is Fairy Tail. Ash already put up a blog for this, and I haven't kept up with this series since I dropped it who knows how long ago. I took a look at the final chapter today, because I wanted to see how this all ended..."I liked BLEACH's ending better" is about all I can say for that.

    My Fa…

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  • Ash9876

    Fairy Tail Flies Away

    July 22, 2017 by Ash9876

    To those of you who don't know, Fairy Tail has officially ended. The manga, at the very least.

    I know I was supposed to be doing reviews, I eventually did give up on it because I don't have the time, nor patience, to continually review chapters that end up causing way too much unnecessary debate on the wiki.

    Did I like the ending of Fairy Tail? For the most part, yes.

    Did I like the final arc as a whole? Sure. There were some nice moments.

    You all can blabber about the final arc all you want in the comments, doesn't really bother me.

    Now, in terms of what direction we'll take the wiki in? That will be left up in the air.

    As you may have noticed, I'm not particularly active over here. I'll be perfectly honest, I lack the motivation to work here any…

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  • ComicMaster619

    New Dark Guild

    July 21, 2017 by ComicMaster619

    Good morning, afternoon, or good night, wherever you are. This is my first blog posts and I thought I'd throw my own hat in for the building a new guild in our little community. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the Cross Rogue, a Dark Guild! Now you must be wondering "Comic, how is this different from any of the other Dark Guilds on the fanon?" To which I answer, with the details I've added, there's a lot to do in the guild to keep you and your boys busy, a whole page of jobs that are loads of fun to do.

    And to all you writers looking to get your villainous or evil characters have something to do and score some RP experience at the same time, it's also a good place to hang out and work with other like-minded characters and authors. An…

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  • QueenOfSwordsandStars

    Hey y'all, it's Liza aka QOS here and boy has it been a while. As the title suggests, I'm back again with a blog in my ongoing series Queen's Writing Help, where I try to help y'all continue to develop y'alls writing skills (wow that's a lot of y'alls within 2 sentences/can you tell I'm southern?).

    Anyways, today I wanted to talk about creating characters and what you should have figured out about them before you even make their page. Yes. That's right. Today's the fun one. Where I'm going to show you how to make a decently thought out character concept in about a day.

    With that, let's get into it.

    Disclaimer: These are my personal views and tips on writing. You may take them with a grain of salt or as serious as you'd like.

    Well first off, wh…

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  • HoloArc

    Ello Friends, it is that time again. The time when some jerk shoves his project in your faces with hopes of finding interest just so that I can feel good about myself.

    Some may want me dead for this, but I've made a new organization known as Sine Missione, a military Spec Ops task force from misntrel, looking for new members to do the nation proud. But at this point you may be wondering: "What sort of missions would a military group take on except... War Missions" Now hold on, I can feel you juding me. I can feel that shiver up the spine, and it ain't a nice feeling. Yes, this is more or less a "War Arc" thing. But there are some differences though. It is AU, so don't worry about messing up continuity. Second, you know how there are rarely …

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  • Lady Komainu

    So here is the brief summary if you don’t want to read that much: I am taking a break from the wiki, or becoming less active more so. Mainly because it isn’t fun for me anymore due to circumstances. I do love all the bonds I’ve made here and will strive to keep those bonds alive even if I am not actively RPing all that much. I will post a blog later putting up some of my pages for new ownership. That is all.

    Yeah you read that right. I did say “parting thoughts”, as in, this blog will be my stage to broadcast what I have felt during my two year journey with you guys before I take time off for a bit. Now I didn’t title it “final thoughts” because I do plan to come back to the fanon every here and there, maybe even for good at one point; but …

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  • Sakura0Xavier


    May 24, 2017 by Sakura0Xavier

    Hello everyone and welcome to your average blog where people ask you to join your guild, everyone does it andI am joining in with the cool kids and inviting you to my new guild.

    I have a small guild called Reminiscence and recently I have been working on it and the guild master. I decided to give the Guild Advisor Role to Moxie - yes he's a dog - for some good comedy for RPs and because I feel like Guy knows what he is doing. At the moment I have quite a little bit of people in Reminiscence mainly because my good friends are being good friends and making characters so my guild isn't empty but I want to open up a place for one and all!

    The guild is built on nothing more than you have to be a legal/independent Mage that isn't gonna try and kil…

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  • QueenOfSwordsandStars

    Hey y'all, it's Liza here and instead of doing some fluffy wiki help blog or an advertisement for an event or even trying to sell my editing and graphic-making services to you people like I usually try to do, I am actually going to talk about a recent influx of activity that has started to happen to me.

    This isn't going to be a passive aggressive callout against those who have used my images without perms, referenced articles without perms or just generally used my formatting or my exclusive stuff. I'm not here to say name names or say "fuck you, go choke", I just want to share how it feels from my end and make things clear about it, because everyone has seen what ends up happening. I find it, either talk to the person about it myself or ca…

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  • QueenOfSwordsandStars

    Hey y'all, it's Liza aka QOS here with one of the posts in my series of blogs, Queen's Writing Help where I try to use my knowledge, experience, and personal perception of writing to help all of y'all keep honing your writing abilities in various subjects.

    It's been a while but today's topic is formatting pages in general because it's something I've noticed is needed for new members and people who haven't quite figured out their own style.

    And please, remember, formatting and usage of templates is an essential for an aesthetically pleasing and functional page.

    Disclaimer: These are my personal views and tips on writing. You may take them with a grain of salt or as serious as you'd like.

    Ah yes! The backbone of any page are templates, such as i…

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  • Sakura0Xavier

    So I made it to 1,000 edits.... when I should be sleeping or studying lol

    I wanna thank Guy, Liza, Nearó, Gorky, Jon, Comic, Door and the many people who have helped me out like Bounty, Lady, Aru, Per, Ash. I can be here all day naming off pretty much everyone from this site because you have all been there for me. 

    1,000 edits don't seem much, why, cause I look around I see people will loads and loads of edits and a lot better articles than me for sure. I enjoy the pleasure of writing, ever since I was young, to find a place where I can share my stories and it's been great fun.

    Sorry for getting mushy but I feel like it was needed to thank the many wonderful people there is here!

    To 10,000 and more haha

    The Trump Card Queen, Sakky is here! 23:51…

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  • QueenOfSwordsandStars


    May 5, 2017 by QueenOfSwordsandStars

    In case you weren't flagged by the title or that monstrosity of a propaganda poster (don't worry, I've got more), I'm looking for people to join my guild Crashing Wave!

    The page is still under construction (and has been for over a year), though hopefully, I will be picking up steam soon on getting it all set and working on my characters and some events and arcs with it!

    Why should you join?

    We've got interesting members! Cool users! A really snarky guild ace! A somewhat illegal event hosted by said snarky guild ace (and former master)! DID I MENTION INTERESTING MEMBERS?!

    Also, we've got a location that I'm really fucking proud of writing. Seaside castle/beach house is A+++

    Anyways, point is, I'm shaping up to go into high gear on this guild and…

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  • QueenOfSwordsandStars

    Hey y'all, it's Liza aka QOS here with one of the posts in my series of blogs, Queen's Writing Help where I try to use my knowledge, experience, and personal perception of writing to help all of y'all keep honing your writing abilities in various subjects.

    This blog is going to be all about writing a character's appearance, both on their page and in actual stories. Sometimes I might make another blog about describing the appearance of other things, like buildings, objects etc, but that's only if I get especially bored.

    And please, for my sake and yours, stop the -nette!

    Disclaimer: These are my personal views and tips on writing. You may take them with a grain of salt or as serious as you'd like.

    So, we all know one of the main sections you ne…

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  • QueenOfSwordsandStars

    Hey y'all, it's Liza aka QOS here with one of the posts in my series of blogs, Queen's Writing Help where I try to use my knowledge, experience, and personal perception of writing to help all of y'all keep honing your writing abilities in various subjects.

    Today I want to talk about the subject of combat writing in terms of in stories and collaborations centered around combat, both magic and physical. To see my blog about my tips and advice for writing non-magical abilities, click here. For magical/supernatural abilities, click here.

    And please, for the love of anything you consider holy, do not be the Black Knight.

    Disclaimer: These are my personal views and tips on writing. You may take them with a grain of salt or as serious as you'd like.…

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  • QueenOfSwordsandStars

    Hey y'all, it's Liza aka QueenOfSwords here and I've been debating doing this for a while, and figured, why the hell not so here goes.

    I've been writing for a while, both here on the wiki, for school and in my free time. So I've gained quite a bit of experience, despite my age. So, I am going to gradually be working on a set of blog posts, all listed under this blog post, about my writing tips on general themes, ranging from tips for writing within rps and story settings versus on a character's page or on a magic page.

    First off there's gotta be the disclaimer for everything that no matter what, everything I say is going to be my personal opinion and can be taken with a grain of salt. What's going to be written on blog posts usually is stuff…

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  • Sakura0Xavier


    April 24, 2017 by Sakura0Xavier

    For anyone who started wondering, I did not die my phone did.

    I haven't had the ablitity to really explain it but my phone is completely destoryed and I am getting it fixed today, even so, May is coming ever so closely and so my acitvity on discord and on here will be even shorter, I wish I didn't need to revise but if I don't revise I don't think I am gonna be passing any of my exams expect English. Ironically I am getting an A in it so far, ironic since I can't spell or use my puncation correctly in my articles never mind essays.

    I hope this doesn't effect too many people since it is making me a little less busy but also annoying me since I do enjoy writing on the wikia. Once the month of May is over, I should come back online. Don't panic…

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  • Arch Duke Fisher


    April 11, 2017 by Arch Duke Fisher

    Say it with some real gusto.


    No, no, more like you're in the park and something just threw a pinecone at you.


    You know what, let's just go wath DoorMonster.



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  • Black Dwarf Star

    Hello individuals of the wiki.  It is I, your friendly neighborhood BDS.  Some of you might remember my group back in the day, called the Cardinals, the most powerful generals of Othrys.  Well, since one of the users became inactive, two stopped using their's (one even getting their page deleted), and the last one actually died, as well as a new king having taken over Othrys (which has expanded to encompass the entire nation of Caelum, I figured it would be a good time to revamp the Cardinals with new members and, like last time, am reaching out into the community for interest.

    Previously I recommended, and almost forced, individuals to follow specific elemental themes for their Cardinals.  I will not be doing that this time.  I also ranked…

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  • Garlicfork

    One Thousand!

    April 7, 2017 by Garlicfork

    Hey guys, it's Garlicfork here. A lot of proabaly don't know who I am, but I've been on the wiki since January Tenth, 2015. That's over two years!! Earlier today, I finally hit 1,000 edits on the wiki. Considering how long I've been on the wiki, that count should be so much higher than it is, however it's not (no way!, I never would've guessed!), and I'll have to deal with that.

    This is also my first blog in those two years, so there's another benchmark.



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  • QueenOfSwordsandStars

    Hey y'all, it's Liza aka QOS here and for about a year now, I've had an idea for a tournament of sorts that I have been procrastinating making and talking about. So, this blog is for my to gauge people's potential interest in a different sort of event which is less regulated as my "Magical Combat Arts Association" professional fighters and fights and even the Grand Magic Games between legal guilds.

    So without further ado, this is the Ice Arena.

    The Ice Arena would be a yearly event organized by the former MCAA Champion, hothead, Wizard Saint Nominee (my version), former guild master and current guild ace of Crashing Wave, Silver Kasumi. It would stem by her desire to find powerful mages and fighters alike and give them the opportunity to gat…

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  • Lady Komainu

    Hello once again my friends, it is now finally time for the moment that you've all been waiting for! It is time for the bracket announcements for the second annual Jigoku Games! As a reminder this first round will be a team battle, where we have randomly drawn teams and randomized seeds to create the tournament bracket you see below.

    You will be able to start your match on April 1st at 12:00AM UTC; this is a globalized time so please make sure you check the time difference between your own timezone and UTC time. You will be given 14 days for each round in the tournament, meaning that the schedule is as follows:

    • First Round: Runs April 1st to April 15th
      • Two Day Judging Period
    • Second Round: Starts April 16th runs till May 1st (we will give this …

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  • Knightwalker591
    Hello, hello, people! Knightwalker591 aka Knightcaliber here, to provide you to provide you an update on the arc, that both myself, Primarch and Six are currently working on. Where the Millennium Echo Alliance hosts a special tournament-based contest of a 10 on 10 Guild War fights over an entire island. It is hosted by Nightmare Wing as a major event style to improve the lore of our guilds and to have a lot of fun!

    Currently, I am trying to put together the entire thing comment below for those who wish to sign up from either alliance, however, if there isn't at least five on each side then the event will be off. Either join the Echo Alliance Team or Team Light in order to progress into the games.

    Each side will have a max of 5-10 Fanon User guil…

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  • Knightwalker591
    Hello, hello, people! Knightwalker591 aka Knightcaliber here, to provide you to provide you an update on the arc, that both myself and at first Lady Komainu. Where both our entire alliance will face each other in a major arc style to improve the lore of our guilds and to have a lot of fun! Currently, i am trying to put together the entire thing comment below for those who wish to sign up from either alliance, however, if there isn't at least five on each side then the event will be off.

    Each side will have a max of 10 guilds included in this arc fighting on either side's behalf. How this works is a simple process of elimination. That each guild will be paired up with another guild kinda like a world tournament within the sections of the isla…

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  • Lady Komainu

    Hello once again party people, I'm here to give you one of the last updates for the Jigoku Games before we announce the tournament bracket. So after going over everyone's answers on the first and second blog post, it is looking like this tournament will start in April, and so I am choosing April 1st at 12AM UTC as the start date. If you don't want to look up what UTC time is, it's basically a universal time, and it is what the timestamps in your page's history section use. So if you want to see how far off your timezone is from UTC, you can look at a page's history, or honestly, just google it haha.

    Thank you to those who have given me their character description for the Jigoku Games participant table, but we are still missing 3 people who ha…

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  • Mokushiryu

    Hoo year older..yaaaay...not.


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  • Lady Komainu

    Alright my friends, so thank you to all of you who have signed up for the tournament so far! Spots for the competition are still open, as it stands right now it looks like the tournament will start at the beginning of April, and unless more people sign up, there will be twelve participants.

    As far as match ups go, I am going to give you guys a chance to voice your preference on who you would like to be matched up with for the first round out of the current combatants. I have listed them in the table below, so please leave a comment if you have a preference; if not, the first match ups will be randomized. Also if you have a description that you would like to include in the table about your character, please leave that below.

    Though the tourna…

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  • QueenOfSwordsandStars

    Hey y'all, Liza aka QOS here and I'm going to advertise my somewhat limited graphic capabilities to all of y'all so I can help beautify the wiki, one step at a time. Not to mention procrastinate all of my projects.... So, here's what I can do:

    Here's an example of the emblems and infobox versions I am able to create and the majority of my capabilities stem from picking out clipart or graphics from the internet, making them transparent if need be before possibly splicing them together or recoloring them.

    I am also capable of removing small details of characters as well as occasionally adding them like I did with that photo for a character. This is still something in progress, and what I have been able to accomplish is adding a beauty mark to…

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  • Lady Komainu

    Hello, hello party people! Lady Komainu here, though you probably knew that before you clicked on this link...Anyways! I am here to announce the recruitment for the second ever Jigoku Games! So for those of you who don't know, I will be posting some FAQ's below, but as for the gist of it: The Jigoku Games is a multi-user tournament where almost any character is able to participate in a no-limit battle! (Well there are some limits, user wise, but you can read the rules on the actual page.)

    The top 5 users of this tournament get to give their character the illustrious title of a Sentinel; a group dedicated to protecting Ishgar from outside threats. The winning users will also have permission to edit the Sentinels page and make the organizatio…

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  • Ash9876

    Hello, everyone! It's been a long time since your favorite (maybe? Probably not.) admin, Ash, has done a review!

    To all those who are wondering, or were unaware, I am now doing reviews in a more "bulk" fashion. I am reviewing entire "mini-arcs" of related chapters as opposed to individual chapters. That way I can talk about things with the full context of them in mind and have a good overall opinion.

    I won't be doing any summaries of the chapter because, let's be honest, who needs them?

    Let's get down to it!

    My overall thoughts about this little saga is that it probably constituted the best chapters in the Alvarez Arc.

    From the set up previously, we were given a sense of scale, of weight, to this eventual confrontation. And, to be perfectly hon…

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  • XxMeraki-KalonxX

    I would just like to make it clear that before I post an article or character, I often plan them out in drafts. Because I use my sandbox to put down ideas, I will make blog posts to finalise a character before turning it into an article. Ok? Ok.

    Scorpius Tarot (蠍座 タロットカード Sasoriza Tarottokaado) is the name of the legendary S-class mage from the forest guild White Elf, and a supporting character from Fairy Tail: Jinx. He, along with Laurence Heart, make up the Pain Brothers team of White Elf. He and Laurence are close with Ivy Palladium, Haina Cobalt and Erise Adamantite of Jinxed Chimera, being a close ally of theirs. Scorpius' skilful and overwhelmingly powerful ability of Pain Scale, a rare magic passed down the Tarot bloodline, has given h…

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  • SnowyNix


    January 18, 2017 by SnowyNix
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  • Obotrash

    NaLu VS NaLi

    January 8, 2017 by Obotrash

    (might do a bit more tomorrow) Hello my fellow weebs! Nowi here, and I've decided I'd cover a controversial subject that seems to be an eternal whirlpool in the sea of FT ships. NaLu, or NaLi? Here I'm going to be talking all about my stance on the matter, and if you'd like to start a friendly debate drop a comment! 

    Personally, I'm neutral. I don't ship NaLu or NaLi, though I lean more towards NaLi (I'm actally a fan of Bickslow x Lisanna). But the amount of hate NaLi fans get from the NaLu fans is just... overwhelming. So, because this person believes two FICTIONAL characters would make a cute couple they instantly deserve to die? Gee whiz you must be fun to hang out with. A lot fo the time one of the reasons for NaLu is that "Haru and Ell…

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  • Kazene Ame

    Featured Article

    January 4, 2017 by Kazene Ame

    Hi, everyone. So, my Cookie Magic became a featured article... Wait, what?! Thanks so much for this, guys! I never expected my humble little cookie to become featured~

    To those who wanted to use the magic and was met with swift resistance from myself; anyone can use it, now. So do stuff with it!

    Once again, thanks alot and have fun~


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  • Perchan

    Finally 2017

    December 31, 2016 by Perchan

    Happy New Year from Australia, y'all. Finally, 2016 is over and now we can stop living in hell. Remember to be thankful of what you've got, and that's probably not being vegan cuz I'm gonna hold a vegan purge later.

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  • Perchan

    Happy Holidays

    December 26, 2016 by Perchan

    Have a merry christmas/krazy kwanzaa/poppin panchaganapati/whatever you celebrate, y'all. Remember to be thankful of what you have and be grateful that you're not vegan.

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  • ArtistOfTheDaleks

    I would like to officially apologize for my inexcusable behavior from earlier today i'm sorry i wasnt able to get this out sooner my internet went out on my town until now. All i can say a few things in the rules didnt make sense to me at the time. I have a disability that makes things hard to understand without thorough explanation why and how and when that difficulty repeats in my mind it makes me defensive and lash out as my natural response. However that does not excuse my behavior and disrespect and i admit i could have handled it better. I am deeply sorry and in fact will be revamping Ragnor Tartaros and his curse. it will be completely different than it is now and will be esoteric based like alot of my shit is. So agean i deeply apo…

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  • Highestbounty123




    Whatever the Hell you're supposed to be!

    To this magnanimous, phantasmal, fan-freak-in-tastic announcement!

    But! You stand there, vivified! Mystified! As you shudder, with antici-...!

    Well maybe not, you read the title.


    To get straight to the point, a new fanon, started by Lady Komainu, Blackdagger, and me, is officially open for buisness, welcoming a stream, a wave, a tsunami of chaotic new users ready to bring about the apocalypse!

    Or not, I'm not your boss on what kind of user you are.

    Said fanon is, of course;

    Okay I expected that to be bigger, but



    Now, obviously, not all of you guys know what this illustrious, very punny "Nanbaka" is, but fear not! Uncle HB is here to explain!

    It started out as a comed…

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  • Zetarion


    December 5, 2016 by Zetarion

    Yo~! This is Alpha here, coming with a quick announcement.

    Anyways, as some of you may have noticed, I haven't edited here in the past few weeks (or months? not sure at this post), which left a build-up of messages on my talk page. I should explain myself why that is.

    For one, as I stated in my previous blog post, I don't have a laptop. This makes it very difficult to edit, as my phone and PS4 can't really handle complex things without proper programming or equipment. I mean, have you ever tried editing on a phone? It's not really one of the most pleasurable experiences.

    Secondly, I'm a junior in college doing a five-year program. I'm finishing up my winter semester, which means there's a shitton of work that needs to be done if I ever want t…

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  • Forest Dragon Slayer

    Hello there everyone! How are you all doing? Forest Dragon Slayer here in preparation of the new year already as I've decided to host this site's first end of the year awards! let's look back and reminisce on the times we had this year and award some people who need rewarding. Or in the case of some of these awards, public humiliation. lol

    Member Awards

    1. Member of the Year: (For that one veteran member on the site we owe our thanks to. This is not for the admins, they get their own section later.)

    2. Newbie of the Year: (The site has been around for a while now and we keep getting new people. Vote for anyone who arrived this year!)

    3. Funniest Member: (Nominate that one person that makes you laugh. Or chuckle. Or that you find somewhat amusi…

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  • Ash9876

    Hey everyone! Ash here. Been ages since I've done a review. And let me explain why. No, it's not because I've "quit."

    I had exams when I started reviewing. Then holidays started and I feverishly began searching (still am) for work. Then I got called to help out Dad at his work. I've also been volunteering a bunch. And then Final Fantasy XV came (don't put your comments about the game in this thread please.)

    So as you can see I'm a busy bee. So I've decided to switch up how I review from now on. Instead of the lengthy format I used to do, I'll do a more opinionated review of what I thought about the chapter rather than the summary. It's just easier.

    White Shadow Dragon's...Stitching Back Together Our Reputation With Rough Silk!

    Okay yes I'm not f…

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  • Mrs Sting Eucliffe

    Basically as the name of the blog says, this is where you choose the side you wish to fight on/for during the Civil War event. You can have characters or even entire guilds on more than one side (like, one character that fights against the Council's choice, and another that fights for it). Put in the comments who will be what, and I'll add them to the lists! (Take note, the War takes place in early X795; three years after Avatar's defeat, and Fiore vs Alvarez)

    Just so ya'll have an easier time to pick sides for your character(s), the war started because of the damage caused in Alakitasia by two certain guilds.. (*coughs* Sabertooth and Unchained Soul *coughs*) in their efforts to bring down an Archdemon and her lil empire. The Council induced…

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  • Euhann81
    Hi, pals! It's me, Euhann~

    I'm recruiting new members for my Guild, Valhalla! Hope you get to join and like the organization I made ~

    For those who'd be joining and the other members who already got in, I'm very excited to inform you that Valhalla will be having its own roleplay series (yay) and I'll be hosting it :D Please comment on this blog if you're interested, and include what you expect from the unfolding story of this Guild. Thank you!

    🍊 juicecolored 🍊 ~ talk to me! 00:35, November 20, 2016 (UTC)
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  • Batman5295

    My first blog

    November 17, 2016 by Batman5295

    Hey this is Batman5295. I'm kinda new to fanon. If you're interested in Water Dragon Slayers or badass OC's, check out my article Troy Mariner. I'd very much appreciate your thoughts so if you could send me feedback in the comment section that'd be great. P.S. I created the images myself. 

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  • S-classani

    New Yvetsailo

    November 12, 2016 by S-classani

    Hey guys this is my new account as i compleatly forgot that i changed my email and now i cant sign in 

    xxo sorry

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  • Perchan

    On the Election

    November 8, 2016 by Perchan

    Looking back on this presidential election in America, all I have to really represent this is

    You're free to come Australia if you want lol, but have fun with Oompa Loompa Hitler and Stalinina y'all

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  • Ash9876

    Review Break

    November 5, 2016 by Ash9876

    I'm sorry guys!!!!

    I have exams on and I'm so busy and I'm also really tired and these chapters are also kinda uneventful but at the same time heaps of shit happens so it's very hard to review them properly.



    Ciao for now~

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  • LastationLover5000

    Happy Halloween, everyone! This has been one heck of a year, but hey, try to enjoy this little holiday if nothing else. Enjoy Halloween however you wish to; I'm personally at that point where I enjoy giving out candy more than actually getting any, so that's my Halloween. What about you guys? Put your costume in the comments: I'm wearing my Hogwarts robes (#ProudHufflepuff).

    Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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  • Ash9876


    So here, I have a question for y'all.

    "Who is Irene Belserion?"

    I have a theory of my own but I'll put it forward in the comments a bit later. Let's see some fun stuff, guys!

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