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Blood God Slayer Magic(血の滅神魔導士 Chi no Metsujin Madoshi) is a special variant of the God Slayer Magic that Zancrow possesses. It is one of the many types of Lost Magic of the Slayer Line. It's use is somewhat similar to that of the Blood Dragon Slayer, but it allows the user much more control of blood. Anyone with this ability can not only control their ownn blood but others too. Making anyone they wishe to spit out all the blood in their body often resulting in instant death.By controlling Blood within the body or outside of it, One is capable of fully using their influence over the element to control both Red blood cells, White blood cells and has the capability of controlling the process of Blood Clotting through this magic. Whilst Red blood cells allow him to activate certain parts of the body, or provide him extra strength, White blood cells are used to combat infection and poison, whilst the ability to control the coagulation of his blood allows one to possibly harden their skin and limit their blood flow to a minimum when injuries have been received. It is for this, Blood God Slayer exists in not only damage, but in empowering the user through completely natural means.Blood God Slayer also possesses numerous other uses, and is not limited to simple use like traditional Blood Magic. 

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