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Blue Flare



Burū Furea


Caster Magic


Adolf Caillou

Blue Flare (ブルーフレア Burū Furea) is a Caster Type magic and a variation of Fire Magic.


Like any other Fire Magic, a Blue Flames magic user can release fire from their body and manipulate it. Blue Flames are blue flames that, unlike the Rainbow Fire's blue fire are not cold. They are special flames, more close to Purple Flare magic, which have similar powers. As flames, they are white with blue outlines, instead of being completely blue. On of the most unique features of Adolf's Blue Flames is that not all of his spells reveal flames. Some release a small flame on his hand, which he grabs and then releases a shockwave, which is felt through the enemy, and suddenly crashes the intended targets with sheer pressurized energy.

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