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Blue Flare

Fire Magic

Caster Magic



Blue Flare (ブルーフレア Burū Furea) is a Caster Type magic and a variation of Fire Magic. The flames produced from this magic are blue in color and have a special property that allows them to stick to whatever was in the radius of the spell. The flames continue to burn until extinguished.


Like any other Fire Magic, a Blue Flare magic user can release fire from their body and manipulate it. Blue Flare are blue flames that, unlike the Rainbow Fire's blue fire are not cold. The flames produced by Blue Flare have a special property that allows them to stick to anything within the radius of the spell. The embers from the spell will continue to burn once they've made contact with something. This is a useful property as it tends to cause damage overtime to enemies even after being struck by a devastating attack which is a tough combination to beat.

Although the flames created from this are extremely dangerous, they aren't without faults. Flames created from this magic can be extinguished by water. There is also the fact that the flames, even though they spread, they spread at a fairly slow rate. And of course Blue Flare is still subject to any form of fire consuming magic.


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