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Box Magic (ボックス魔法 Bokkusu Mahou) is a form of magic that allows the user to essentially create 3-d cubical objects using their magical power alone. Simply by condensing the existing magic into a hollow form, with a solid exterior, this can be achieved with relative ease. Higher leveled practitioners are able to create cubical shapes of varying sizes, lengths and widths in order to achieve different effects. The boxes can function as a potent defense if formed around oneself, or can even be used to store a variety of objects. It should be noted that the space inside one of these boxes is equivalent to the amount of space that an object takes up, thus, the box can change it's size according to the object it stores. Despite changing size, it still remains in a cubical form.


Cube (立方 Rippō) a simple spell that allows a user to create a single cube out of their own magical energy. Using the same properties as they would to cast any other spell, the user brings their hands together, and solidify the magical energy around them into a hollow cubical form. Depending on what one wishes, this cube can vary greatly in size, from a small, palm-sized cube, it can become larger than the user themselves. It can be considered the foundation for all the other spells in this magic.

Prism (プリズム Purizumu) another, slightly more complex spell that allows the user to create a rectangular prism through the usage of Box Magic. By simply chanting the name of the spell, the user brings their palms together as if they were clapping, and spreads them out according to the size of the prism they wish to make. While their hands are moving, the user automatically collects and forms the said magical energy to the form of a prism. Then, by expanding or contracting the said shape mentally, they are able to create the desired shape.


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