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Brevian Institute of Magic



Gabriel Vionno

Located In

Brevia City


Research the deepest inner workings of magic.

"Where magic leads the path to absolute truth"
— Creed of the Institute

The Brevian Institute of Magic is a renowned Magical research facility. Within its' facilites, the Institute has proven to crack theories on the most mysterious types of magic and the innerworkings thereof. The facility is ran by Gabriel Vionno. This institute also pursues restrained research in the Forbidden arts -- having artifacts connected to Zeref and other Dark Mages of legend. Moreover, it serves as a think tank on magical affairs in Fiore. Note that the facility is located in Brevia City, hence part of its' name being "Brevian".


Notable Staff

Chief of Research



Nearly eighty years ago, the Brevian Institute of Magic, also known as BIM, was established. Its' founders were the husband and wife researcher duo of James and Linda von Bismarck. After discovering some interesting things on Maker Magic and more efficient ways to use magic with Airships, their names began to grow in standing. Taking advantage of the situation, they founded BIM. The purpose was simple and has stayed that way for the entire duration of its' ongoing existence: to delve into the deepest depths of magic and use those findings to better the lives of mankind. At the time, the facility was not the grand, breathtaking building it is today, rather a warehouse-esque building of moderate size on the outskirts of Brevia.

Brevia City was chose for two reasons: it was the hometown of both researchers and the place their first child was born. Strong ties to their hometown in mind, they set that very place as where they would build their legacy. Among their initial backers was the Aria Family, the family of Richard Aria. Along with those that could support them financially were townspeople happy to see someone from their town had made a big step forward in the world of magic. From the start, the couple dived head first into their research, building upon their previous discoveries and findings while uncovering wholly new things.

In some time, they would be officially affiliated with the Magic Council. As a result, more and more magical scholars joined their ranks -- some for the long haul, some just for exposure, and some just a passing by. As the years rolled by, the facility's name reached people in a numbers of other countries, from Seven to Jova, all the way to the Pegrande Kingdom. Finding himself advanced in years, James von Bismarck would pass on the mantle of leadership to a brilliant man by the name of Asanti Vista, a member of the House of Vista. Asanti would later on give the title of Chief of Research over to his apprentice, Gabriel Vionno. Gabriel, as it stands, is the third Chief of Research that has lead the institute.


  • The Brevian Institute of Magic is also well known by its' acronymic name, BIM.