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Bronze Weapon
Bronze Weapon Magic



Seidō Buki Mahō


Caster Magic


Rashad Windtail

Bronze Weapon Magic (青銅武器魔法, Seidō Buki Mahō) is a body Caster Magic that allows the user to create an arsenal of weapons made out of bronze and other metals.


Bronze Weapon Magic allows the user to create a variety of different weapons such as swords and gauntlets to use in battle. It also gives the user the ability to create machines such as wings and cycles for when they need to travel.

The weapons are also able to go in an upgraded form to deliver more damage like with the Bronze Weapon Magic: Sword turning into a saw or the Bronze Weapon Magic: Gauntlets going into a spinning form to give a bigger punch.

If the user has mastered it to a certain degree they will be able to use different weapons simultaneously to increase their power.


  • Bronze Weapon Magic: Boots: Rashad will make giant metal boots to either give him better jumping abilities or to give his enemy a strong kick.
  • Bronze Weapon Magic: Wings: Rashad will make wings that give the ability of flight though instead of the normal kind, they are made of metal with plane like turbines.