Byoki Ikisatashi






Cyclonia/Royal Guard


Babylon: Ageing Heaven

Byoki Ikisatashi

Byoki is one of the more powerful members of the Royal Guard being able to fight on par with a wizard saint.


He has deep purple eyes and hair and wears a white shirt and purple trousers and black shoes.


he is very quiet and sarcastic even when his life is threatened.

Magic and Abilities

Babylon: Ageing Heaven: His form of babylon allows him to rot, age, decay and decompose an object or person usually through a black/purple fog that can corrode anything it touches.

  • Enhanced Time Dilation: He is able to control the age of an object allowing him to age an object to the point where it breaks, rots or turns to dust.
  • Breathe: he releases a black/purple fog from all around him rotting anything it touches.
  • Poison Hand: he touches the enemy and their bones age to the point where the break.
  • Death: he makes the ground decay and rot away and he can also decay an enemy.
  • Rotting Shower: he releases spherical shots of purple/black corrosive fog that eats through anything it touches.

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