"Iwan, I'll kill you, you have just...destroyed your son, the only person in the world who wants anything to do with you and you just bump him off like he's a mere pawn in a chess game!"
Camilla Kyutesuki

Camilla Kyutetsuki
280px-Camilla Kyutetsuki
Name Camilla Kyutetsuki
Kanji カミラ級テ津気
Race Kyuketsu
Birthday December 30th
Age 18
Gender Female Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Turquoise
Hair Green
Professional Status
Affiliation Herself, Oozura Takahato and Yami Nuvola
Previous Affiliation Raven Tail Guild
Occupation Wandering Mage
Previous Occupation Dark Mage
Team None
Partner(s) Oozura Takahato, Yami Nuvola
Base of Operations Raven Tail Guild(Former), None
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives None known
Alias None
Magic Kyuketsu Abilities
Speed Magic
Bind Snake
Summoning Magic
Supporting Magic
Healing Magic
Camilla Kyutetsuki (カミラ級テ津気, Kamīra Kyutestsukī) is a former S-Class Level Mage of the Dark Guild Raven Tail but has since left due to intense puninshment.She is also a Kyuketsu and can use semi-rare abilities such as sangre, solapa and even human magic. After leaving the guild she has joined up with Oozura Takahato and Yami Nuvola.



When she was a member of Raven Tail she was, quite flirtatious and aggressive commonly attacking those who annoy her. This is not an uncommon trait in this particular dark guild. She also showed a feministic side as she was shown attacking Oozura in the past when he made a sexist comment. Though this seems to have been all an act as when she left the guild she was relieved that she could be herself again.


Escape the Raven Arc

Magic and Abilities

Kyuketsu Abilities: As a Kyuketsu she can utilize the standard abilities such as tajo and protector de sangre, she can also drain the magical energy of those around her.

Solapa: She can also fly using the Kyuketsu technique, solapa which allows her to fly without the aid of wings.

Speed Magic: She is also quite fast and she is able to increase her solapa with this.

Bind Snake: A sealing magic which allows her to place a snake tattoo on the foe and it wrigles and constricts it's way up the target's body.

Summoning Magic: She can also summon animals into battle, she summons bats and powers them with supporting magic.

Supporting Magic: She can also use a magic which allows her to increase certain aspects of the target such as speed and power.

Healing Magic: She can also use magic to heal the target's wounds.


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