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Candy Armour



Holder Magic


Mimiko Hanami

Candy Armour (キャンディーの鎧, Kyandī no Yoroi) is a Holder Magic and a style of Requip magic utilized by Mimiko Hanami


Like candy magic, it utilizes candies and sweets but instead of using long ranged and defensive spells, the caster is able to storeweapon based sweets in a pocket dimension and summon them in battle almost instantly.


  • Lollypop Smashsword (棒付きキャンディーのスマッシュの剣, Bō-Tsuki Kyandī no Sumasshu no Ken): Mimiko can create a huge red lollypop that she can use to smash enemies to a pulp. She also can use this as a sword to cut things with relative ease.
  • Candycane Spear (キャンディーの杖槍, Kyandī no Tsue Yari): Mimiko can create a huge candycane that she can use as a spear to attack enemies. She can even fire red lightnings from the tip of the candycane that can cause massive damage to her enemies.

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