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"Have you ever wondered why Cerulean's blood is black? He has and he thinks it is a gift from above, allowing Cerulean to claim his prize."
— Cerulean Blackthorn

Cerulean Blackthorn
Name Cerulean Blackthorn
Kanji セルリアンブラックソーン
Rōmaji Serurian Burakkusōn
Race Artificial Being
Birthday 9th October
Age 16
Gender Male
Eyes Purple/Occasionally Pale Blue
Hair Pink
Blood Type Dark Blood
Unusual Features Feminine Appearance/Refers to Himself in the Third Person
Professional Status
Affiliation Dr.Hari's Group
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Wandering Mage
Team Dr.Hari's Group
Partner Pewter Blackthorn
Base of Operations None
Personal Status
Relatives Dr.Hari (Father)
Mama (Mother)
Pewter Blackthorn (Twin Brother)
Ōkina Hozuki (Sister)
Marital Status Single
Magic Dark Blood Magic
Sword Magic
Image Gallery

Cerulean Blackthorn is a wandering mage who currently travels with his family members, searching for his sister. He is a user of the forbidden Dark Blood Magic. He is an artificial being that Dr.Hari infused with Dark Blood to form a powerful mage team along with his brother and mother.




Magic and Abilities


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