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""If you even lay one hand on one person in this guild! You shall face my unpleasant wrath!"
Chan Selena

Chan Selena
Name Chan Selena
Kanji チャンセレナ
Rōmaji Chan Surena
Race Human
Birthday September 14th
Age 88
Gender Female
Height Unkown
Weight Unkown
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair White
Blood Type AB+
Unusual Features Wears a shirt and tie.
Professional Status
Affiliation Lamia Scale Guild
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Guild Mistress
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations Lamia Scale Guild
Personal Status
Relatives None Known yet
Marital Status Single
Alias Cleaning Lady (レディーの掃除, Redī no Sōji)
Magic Washing Magic, Precognition Magic, Light Magic, Magical Brass Knuckles

Chan Selena is the current and third Guildmaster of the Lamia Scale Guild. She also despises the magic council due to them constantly threatening them.


Chan Selena is a thin elderly woman with grey hair, which she wears tied in a bun. Her attire doesn't appear to be very formal as she wears a bright orange shirt (Occassionally purple) which is left hanging out, the sleeves roled up and a dark blue tie. She also wears black trousers and a white coat with purple and yellow shoulder frills which she wears over her shoulder. She also sports green bead earrings and several golden bangles on her right wrist.


She is a powerful mage who is renown throughout the world for her great sage like wisdom. She is usually quite happy, fun-loving and carefree as she often partakes in the guild's celebrations and fights in the beer hall. She is also not above telling off other members of the guild such as team star when they took on an S-Class quest without her approval. She is a kind hearted and modest woman as her epithet is The Cleaning Lady and thinks the title is inappropriate.



Introduction arc

Magic and Abilities

Washing Magic : This magic allows her to literally 'wash' someone and hang them out to dry as if they were clothes. This leaves them flat and slippery meaning they cannot move or fight any longer. This can also be used on weapons to render them useless.

Light Magic : She is also proficient in light magic which allows her to control light and form it into shields and powerful blasts of light energy. She commonly uses this to blast holes in walls to enter a building.

Precognition Magic : This is her magic which allows her to predict the foe's moves before they even know them. Like all users of this magic she was born with the knowledge of this magic.

Magical Brass Knuckles : This is a magic which most mages use to drastically augument their strength with magical power giving her the ability to easily smash through concrete. She also taught this magic to Alia and Nene.


  • Her appearance and washing magic is based on Tsuru from one piece.

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