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Chaos Arts

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The Chaos Arts (沌魔術(カオス・アーツ), Kaosu Ātsu lit. Chaotic Magic Techniques) are a series of different kinds of unnatural magic that constitute an entire fighting style. Serving as an intermediate between the Black Arts and White Arts, instead of using negative and positive emotions to fuel their powers respectively, the Chaos Arts tap into all emotions, emphasizing the pragmatic utilization of belief systems and the creation of new and unorthodox methods as to harness the power of chaos, the formless, void state that preceded the creation of the universe or cosmos in a myriad of creation myths, serving as the initial gap created by the original separation of heaven and earth, which itself oftentimes manifests as aether, the so-called fifth element of the classical elements that serves as the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere, being the unique essence that flows through most of existence, synchronizing with the prima materia, which is the prime essence of the universe to achieve unprecedented power. The Chaos Arts are oftentimes referred to as the "Way of the Hermit" (仙道, Sendō) due to their ancient traditions and solitary way of life, preferring to stay out of the spotlight due to the stigma against them inflicted by ordinary magicians for being utterly alien in terms of power and fighting style.

The Chaos Arts are first seen utilized by Atrax Noctua, one of the Seven Primordia Mages, and a member of the Phoenix Fireheart Guild, though their most notable practitioner is perhaps Lisette Aznable, an independent magician whom additionally wields Tachyon Spirit Slayer Magic.


The Chaos Arts are known to be an exceptionally powerful series of magics that grant the wielder the ability to tap into the forces of chaos, the primal void, thus bestowing upon them a myriad of powers that far surpass most other forms of arcane might, manipulating the chaotic forces of the universe on a whim. The Chaos Arts are known to be an incredibly powerful and rare form of magic; perhaps one of the most elusive forms of magic around; only a select people have displayed the ability to utilize it, and even then, a mere fraction of those are capable of harnessing the full power of the Chaos Arts. While it can be said that the Chaos Arts do manifest aether, it would be more accurate to say that the primeval forces of the universe as harnessed by this Grey Magic are impossible to completely understand in the minds of mortals, as it is a form that existed prior to the formation of the universe, and as such, these chaotic powers are brought upon the physical plane in the form of the fifth element and celestial power through which the essence of life flows as to prevent those whom gaze upon their might from being overwhelmed by the sheer incomprehensibility of the energies wielded by the Unorthodox Magician; but even so, said pseudo-aether, thanks to the power of chaos is known to undergo a transition from false aether into the real deal, thus granting the wielder of the Chaos Arts the ability to wield aether in any way they deem suitable in accordance to the situation at hand. This also includes a myriad of astronomical objects that only manifest in the depths of space such as stars and planets being put under the wielder's thrall, displaying almost overwhelming power as the Chaos Arts grant the ability to "unleash the might of the constellations in the skies" and effectively become a walking star through synchronization with the prima materia, which is the prime essence of the universe and oftentimes theorized to be one and the same with The One Magic, though obviously, such a claim is incapable of being proven for reasons as listed below – if it indeed were to be true, then the Chaos Arts would quite possibly be one of the most powerful forms of magic in existence. With the tenet of belief being naught but a tool as a prime doctrine displayed by the Chaos Arts, these chaotic powers could be said to be not dissimilar to the likes of Memory-Make and Arc of Embodiment in that simply through belief and imagination, the Chaos Arts are capable of accomplishing almost anything the wielder deems to be attainable.

The methods in which the Chaos Arts are achieved are known to be completely out of the norm for magic obtaining such as learning from a grimoire, being taught by a stronger being in a manner not dissimilar to the likes of all forms of Slayer Magic, or just being born with it from the get-go in what can be considered heredity from the potential caster's family, leading to its practitioners being classified as an Unorthodox Magician (非正統の魔法使い, Hiseitō no Mahōtsukai) as contrast to being a Dark Magician for wielding the Black Arts and a White Magician for harnessing the White Arts – the way that they awaken within a potential caster is through a significant tug on their Magic Origin, started by a powerful emotion felt by the user – for example, most forms of Chaos Arts are achieved through "pain."; this pain can be considered different from magician to magician, as it is known that Atrax Noctua's "Emanation Magic" and "Generation Magic" came from his "pain of solitude", in which the man was abandoned and separated from any form of communication with the outside world. Even so, out of this group, only one in ten thousand display the ability to fully utilize the power of the Chaos Arts, the power of chaos being driven from the strong emotions one has felt through the experience of harsh situations throughout their life. Despite this, those whom are unworthy are still able to utilize Chaos Arts, but only to a minor extent that puts them on the level of ordinary magicians. In accordance with the caster's emotions and feelings, a magic which is normally exclusive to themselves is awakened from their Magic Origin and bestowed upon them, with the wielder gaining the knowledge sufficient to use it which can only improve through hard work and recalibrating the properties and powers of the Chaos Arts repeatedly. There's known to be quite a few methods of utilization which are completely unique to the Chaos Arts, such as sigil-based spellcasting that uses the caster's Magic Seal in accordance with the activation sequence of the magic in order to reroute all possibilities into the magician's own desired outcome, the Chaos Arts are generally highly individualistic in nature, with no two practitioners of the fighting style possessing the same spells among the shared forms of magic – and in the odd case that they do, said spells will have their own unique aesthetics and properties that make them stand out from the one another. However, alongside this, there are some Chaos Arts which are so basic that any user is capable of learning from a secondhand source and then utilizing them. Even so, it should be taken into consideration that the Chaos Arts are unlike most other contemporary forms of the arcane as it possesses almost unlimited utility, especially in the hands of a crafty and intelligent user, whereas most other magics have one "ability"; for example, Fire Magic's only power is "manipulating fire" and Sword Magic's ability is to "do something with a sword" – however, Chaos Arts far surpasses a one-use magic as detailed below.

The wielders of the Chaos Arts are referred to amongst their own kind as a Chaos Knight (明暗の魔法戦士(カオス・ナイト), Kaosu Naito lit. Magic Fighter of Light and Darkness), which is a special classification of magician whom is a fighter that utilizes a perfect balance of close-range combat and sorcery. While this technically accounts for all magicians whom utilize the Modern Magic System, which is the most widespread Magic System of all, the Chaos Knights can be said to be the precursor to that Magic System and even much more as the fusion of close-range combat and sorcery bolsters the statistics of the Chaos Knights to the point that their physical movements, attacks, and parameters whether or not they're using their magic seem superhuman and their arcane skills appear to transcend regular magicians of all kinds, creating a fearsome force on the battlefield that has been referred to as a "trump card" as a single Chaos Knight can effortlessly take down an entire army of regular magicians – however, it's for this reason that those whom utilized the Chaos Arts swore to never interfere with the politics of humans and simply keep to themselves. The Chaos Arts are said to possess such an incredible power that Persephone Tray, the Magnus Magus of Earth Land believed that this was the main reason for the Entelexia being hunted down and slew by others whom wished to possess that power for themselves; so much was the Chaos Arts desirable that many, once they caught wind of it, attempted to replicate its power through their regular magic and eventually just use it themselves even if they did not possess the blood of the Entelexia coursing through their veins – this is what led to the "Chaos Soldier Project" (混士企画, Konshi Kikaku) , a highly unethical experiment which involved suitable magicians having the Chaos Serum (混血清, Konkessei), which was a potent poison consisting of harvested Entelexia magical energies and the Magic Origins of several powerful magicians of ages past injected within their body in order to become a super soldier of sorts who is capable of unleashing untold amounts of destruction – while powerful, the artificial Chaos Knights are still a twisted mockery of the real deal and can match up to the originals in terms of power and flexibility as they require a grimoire known as the Runic Engine infused within their body in order to convert supernatural energies into aether, whereas true users of the Chaos Arts can perform such a task naturally.

As mentioned above, Chaos Arts is a rarity partly because it is exceptionally difficult to use – most inexperienced magicians suffer quite a few accidents such as losing limbs and the like due to underestimating or overestimating how much energy that this power constantly produces, and as such, it requires an immense amount of control over the caster's own magical energies dwelling within their bodies. This proves to be an important factor as the universal activation sequence for the Chaos Arts are known to involve the Unorthodox Magician whom harnesses this incredible power focusing intently as they intensify the volatility of the magical energies that are dwelling within their Magic Origin as to excite them exponentially, before releasing the voluminous quantities of energy outwards from their body ever-so-slightly, all while flaring up their Magical Aura which washes over the immediate vicinity, affecting everything within a certain radius of the caster – the enormous energies that are exuded by the caster's Magical Aura take priority over all other forms of arcane activation sequences no matter their tier, ranging from other Caster Magic, Holder Magic, and even the likes of Lost Magic, with the caster's tremendous surge of supernatural power influencing the ambient particles of eternano which are suspended within the atmosphere and placing it completely under their thrall without any exceptions. All the while, the wielder of the Chaos Arts siphons the very essence of their magical power into the immediate environment in order to have the unique supernatural energy hewn from their soul which is intermingled with their magical energy released outwards that interact with the masses of magical particles in the vicinity as well as their own magical energy, and from here, through mental commands alone, the caster focuses, installing within these energies the unimaginable power of the formless state before the universe's creation as harnessed by the fighting style, transcending the earth and heavens, reaching what lies beyond space and everything that's detailed within that region as they touch the state of the universe before its creation, transmogrifying their own magical energies and all other forms of particles affected by the activation sequence into aether, the celestial power and fifth element which is the essence through which all life flows, serving as a representative of chaos. For weaker users, the activation sequence cannot be achieved normally as the user must use a special body suit that allows their magic to properly siphon with the Eternano around them in a similar manner to that of Heavenly Body Magic. The aether and Chaos Arts draws its power from the prima materia, which is the prime essence of the universe – meaning that aether can be near infinitely generated in accordance to the caster's willpower.


Aether in its purest form.

This unique form of unstable yet powerful energy offhandedly referred to as aether that is predominantly golden in texture is known as Sacred Aether (恒星の魔力(セイクリッド・エーテル), Seikureddo Ēteru lit. Stellar Magical Energy) is one of a kind, and can be classified as a mixture of starlight, which, of course, is the light emitted by stars, and cosmic dust, dust particles which exist in outer space and are between a few molecules to 0.1 µm in size – specifically, this cosmic dust is stardust, which is interstellar solid matter in the form of tiny solid grains that originated at a time before the sun was formed – as the name would indicate as well, it actually is aether, the fifth of the classicial elements which is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere, long thought to be a myth as represented by chaos – like the original, Sacred Aether encompasses elemental, cosmic, and spiritual forces. Being a mixture of a semi-solid and pure energy, the caster can modify the properties of this Sacred Aether in any way that they deem to be suitable, granting it material consistency and turning it into pure energy and back, allowing them to take the opponent by surprise continuously. Once the process of activating Chaos Arts has been completed, the caster is capable of harnessing the true abilities of Sacred Aether, thus the caster almost infinite combat possibilities – however, in reality, aether is such a rare occurrence that it is said that only the magicians who wield the Chaos Arts are capable of tapping into their power with a consistency; but even then, the aether made manifest by the Chaos Arts cannot really be considered "the celestial element through which all life flows that has always existed" but rather, it can be classified as "the celestial element through which all life flows that did not exist until it was created by the Chaos Arts". The Sacred Aether allows the caster to control three levels of both matter of energy, each with the Sacred Aether smack dab in the middle, granting the caster superiority over these states of existence. Firstly, there are common forms of matter and energy such as the three basic phases, which are solids, liquids, and gases and heat and light respectively – the second and third forms of matter and energy are higher in level which even the greatest minds in Esoterology are incapable of deciphering, being unrecognizable to those in the mortal plane, being considered a divine power that is only harnessed by the gods.

This aether that a user of Chaos Arts generates is not only a celestial element that flows throughout the four dimensions, but as per the name of this fighting style, the aether made manifest through Chaos Arts is a force of nature in on itself, being an embodiment of all chaotic forces in existence, allowing for countless effects such as the manipulation of probability and the inducement of malleability upon any matter, aspects of the world, living organism, minds, and spirits, and many, many more effects to the point that it can be considered a minute form of reality warping, affecting the continuum of space and time of the user and anything that they choose to affect with their Chaos Arts, allowing them to warp the fabric of time and space in many manners in accordance to their whims. As aether is known to have created and bind a myriad of powers that form the universe together in mythology, naturally, a wielder of the Chaos Arts would be capable of accessing those forces and transmogrifying them into proper forms of the Chaos Arts for them to harness, not limited to but definitely including space, dark matter, nuclear energy, electromagnetism, gravity, and matter, the forces that are the formation and foundation of the cosmos. The power of the Chaos Arts also govern celestial bodies, all forms of energy whether they're elemental in nature or not, and produce a form of Light Magic that transcends all others, being likened to Photon Dragon Slayer Magic as wielded by the Dragon of Dragons. The Sacred Aether is known to be highly conductive along certain alloys and substances – for example, Lisette Aznable is capable of channeling aether along her Soul Eater sword without the need of a secondary magic like Spellblade to do so, and Atrax Noctua can focus aether upon his swords, Rakuyō and Harukaze with the Sword Magic spell referred to as Acheron, which itself is an incomplete form of Aether Forge: Acheron Saber. Doing so in both cases dramatically bolsters the reach, durability, and cutting power of the weapons in question. Also serving as a power source for Magic Items and other machinery such as Lacrima and Magitek and serving as a perpetual power source, theoretically a Magic Vehicle using the aether of a Chaos Arts wielder as a power source can run for an infinite duration and have enhanced capabilities; for example, while normally, a regular motorcycle powered by magic would have two hundred and twenty kilometers per hour as its limit, when powered by aether, it would zip about at three hundred kilometers per hour. However, something that's consistent with all usages of the aether is that it possesses destabilizing probability properties by affecting matter, ultimately inducing chaos itself as to the foes of the user, the capabilities of the Chaos Arts are completely out of the ordinary and constantly changing.

Upon formation, Sacred Aether simply pulses outwards uncontrollably is capable of being harnessed in two major ways; - for one, through the "Generation" (天空生成(ジェネレーション), Jenerēshon lit. Aether Formation) command, the user of Chaos Arts is capable of giving more form to the Sacred Aether in a manner not dissimilar to that of Molding Magic, focusing and shaping the æther in a way that it takes a physical essence, appearing like pure energy. From there, the energy can take on a variety of functions. With spells like Hyperion or Asteria, it can be used for offensive assaults. In cases, such as Astraeus or Discordia, it can be used as a supplement where it enhances Atrax's attributes. Or in a case like Takamagahara it can be used to alter the force of gravity with its dense structure before causing destruction. In contrast, through the "Abstraction" (天空発散(アブストラクション), Abusutorakushon lit. Aether Divergence) command, the user of Chaos Arts is capable of harnessing æther in its natural form, which is seemingly air that cannot be breathed by mortals a - "void" of sorts. By using this command, the caster can emit æther in its most natural form causing air space or matter to split and eliminate natural forces. As well, thanks to the Abstraction command, the countless spells that are unleashed by Chaos Arts aren't just limited to the physical, as many casters have shown that they can create "voids" in an enemy's harnessing of their magical energy, though this only lasts for a split second. As a supplement, the caster can eliminate the adverse effects of the earth's natural forces upon themselves to move more freely – when using Sacred Aether to do this alongside the effects of Chaos Arts' gravity manipulation, the caster is capable of achieving flight for sustained periods of time. Additionally, thanks to the power of chaos, through the "Erebus" (天空重力(エレブス), Erebusu lit. Aether Gravity; Latin for "Darkness") command, the caster is also capable of increasing the density of the aether generated by the Chaos Arts to the point that the magic turns several shades darker, enough to halt fundamental forces, such as gravity, and alter them, allowing the caster to use the power of gravity against the opponent for destructive usage. The Sacred Aether manifested through the Chaos Arts are known to affect both animate and inanimate things in a variety of ways, if the Unorthodox Magician is in direct contact with what they wish to influence with their aether. Upon encountering what the wielder desires to influence with the Sacred Aether, said object, no matter its status and properties has the power of the Sacred Aether installed within it, with a myriad of abilities equipped upon said object as dictated by the caster's will. An object which has been influenced by the Sacred Aether directly carries this phantasmal energy throughout its very existence, thus becoming borderline lethal to anything it encounters, possessing immense destructive and stopping power. However, all forms of liquid are known to conduct the Chaos Arts at a level higher than most designated targets to the point that these energies are capable of amplifying the surface tension to the point that the caster is able to walk on water.

Harnessing the power of the Chaos Arts, the Unorthodox Magician can unleash a myriad of techniques and maneuvers which combine various aspects of their currently activated form of the Chaos Arts with their own tactics in a manner not dissimilar to a Combination Spell or a Unison Raid without having access to said powers, thus bestowing upon the caster an incredibly flexible fighting style. With all aspects and properties of the Chaos Arts generally incorporating theory and properties of scientific theory, traditional ceremonial magic, neoshamanism, and eastern philosophy, whereas the Black Arts as developed by the Black Wizard Zeref are known to be the ultimate expression of Black Magic, bringing naught but death and ruin in their wake and the White Arts are the absolute zenith of White Magic, their unleashing heralding good fortune and salvation for those the magician whom wields the power deems to be an ally, the Chaos Arts are known to be their own unique beast. Even though all forms of Magic with the exception of certain forms of Lost Magic are capable of being grouped into either Black Magic or White Magic as a sub-category, the Chaos Arts completely disregard those classifications as if they didn't exist in the first place. Black Magic associated with darkness and negative emotions as the wielder of the Black Arts walks the path of evil, White Magic synonymous with light and positive emotion as the wielder of the White Arts trudges down the road of good, the power of chaos knows that this world isn't that simple – morality is a complicated thing, something that's incapable of being painted in black and white. Utilizing all categories of emotion in its activation sequence due to the diehard belief that there is no such thing as "good" or "evil", just "people", rejecting both light and darkness, the magician whom harnesses the power of chaos walks the "Way to Dawn" (均衡の明暗(ウェイ・トゥ・ドーン), Uei tō Dōn lit. Equilibrium of Light and Darkness), a perfect balance between black and white. Due to being neither a Black Magic or White Magic while incorporating the best of both and eliminating any drawbacks displayed in either, the Chaos Arts are known to be classified as a 'Grey Magic" (灰白魔法, Kaihaku Mahō), a one-of-a-kind categorization that emphasizes that the path of neutrality is oftentimes the greatest of all. Instead of the Black Arts' night and the White Arts' daytime, the Chaos Arts symbolize twilight and dawn, being neither overly positive or overly negative, and thus, the Chaos Arts could be considered to be best utilized in the hands of a warrior with a clear mind and heart, refusing both absolutes in favour of achieving the greatest result through moderation.

Additionally, just like how Dragon Slayer Magic has the subspecies ability which is known as Element Forge that's utilized in a manner not dissimilar to a Molding Magic, the Chaos Arts can also be harnessed to create a myriad of constructs for various purposes; this power taken to its absolute zenith is referred to as Aether Forge. Something that's rather interesting to take into consideration is that due to the diversity of the Chaos Arts in regards to what they can and cannot do with aether, very few magics of the fighting style are known to overlap, meaning that each Chaos Art embodies a power that is unique to itself. For example, Aether Forge, despite being a quasi-Molding Magic, is incapable of using a "Dynamic" version of the magic which would typically summon beasts and the like – the reason for this is because Constellar Summon is already a member of the Chaos Arts that grants the caster the ability to form Familiars of a sort forged from Sacred Aether from their thoughts alone, providing a far more versatile version of a "Dynamic"-type Molding Magic more akin to Celestial Spirit Magic, rendering the need for a "Dynamic"-type Aether Forge rather redundant. However, in some cases, two powers that are similar can stack up on one another - a good case of this is the Stellarknight Change, a magic which allows the caster to synchronize with their Constellar Summon or the aether within the atmosphere in order to transform and receive several boosts to their powers and abilities, and the Arcane Mode, a power that involves the caster channeling vast supernatural energies and the knowledge of those who had previously walked the same lonely road as them, granting them physical abilities beyond one's wildest dreams and allowing for the ability to perform especially powerful and extraordinary feats of magical manipulation - a user who is in possession of both magics is capable of stacking them to enable a much more powerful transformation. It is theorized that Chaos Arts possess a certain scope of relationship with Celestial Spirit Magic, form of Spirit Summoning Magic that calls upon the embodiment of the constellations that are referred to as Celestial Spirits, due to the Magic Seals of both being rather similar, in addition to Heavenly Body Magic, which manipulates an energy quite similar to aether, or the uncategorized Urano Metria spell which shares the same Magic Seal as Heavenly Body Magic and Celestial Spirit Magic; as the only people who have cast the spell are Celestial Spirit Magicians, so theoretically, the Chaos Arts could do cast the mighty Urano Metria as well, as long as Zodiac Siphon is active. Just how Devil Slayer Magic is oftentimes associated with the Black Arts and God Slayer Magic is seen as being synonymous with the White Arts, Spirit Slayer Magic is commonly referred to as possessing an exceedingly high level of compatibility with the Chaos Arts – this is best exemplified by Lisette Aznable, whom is both a Spirit Slayer and an Unorthodox Magician.

The "Prima Materia" (根底の混沌力(プリマ・マテリア), Purima Materia lit. Foundation of the Chaotic Forces) is said to be the embodiment of all aether and the all-encompassing energy of the universe. An existence similar to that of the Source of Magic for Espers, the Prima Materia is a massive wellspring of magical energy that contains the essence of every magician whom has dabbled within the Chaos Arts, their memories, knowledge, and emotions – and of course, their magical energies. Upon activation of the Chaos Arts and after devoting oneself to the "way to dawn", the middle road between light and darkness, the magician's very soul becomes linked to the Prima Materia, meaning that upon death, their very existence will dissolve into nothingness and join the wellspring of magical energy alongside countless others who have walked the same path of themselves. The path towards the Prima Materia is the mountain that many users of the Chaos Arts deeply desire to climb and reach the summit – that is to say, finally do what no other magician has done before and fully gain access to the immeasurable energies that compose its very existence. Going by that, it can be assumed that for a magician who utilizes Chaos Arts, the Prima Materia acts as a paradoxical concept – it is both their goal and their ending stop on the train of life. As there are no real records of the Prima Materia existing as documented by a non-user of the Chaos Arts, it is often said that the Prima Materia does not actually exist - however, neither claim can be proven as the Chaos Arts that do completely tap into the Prima Materia to the point where it could be manifested visually to support or debunk the theory of its existence are exceptionally rare and even then, despite being users of the Chaos Arts, many would often fail to connect to the Prima Materia for a noticeable period of time as doing so more often than not results in the magician suffering grievous injuries both physically and magically. The Chaos Arts disregard all gods and higher beings such as angels, seeing as the God of Life and Death unleashed a terrible curse known as the Curse of Contradiction upon the one known as Zeref Dragneel whom broke the rules of Saṃsāra, completely ignoring such an almighty idiot would be in their best interests. The primeval forces of the universes as manifested through the fighting style preventing any form of divine intervention from occurring, the wielders of the Chaos Arts are known to be capable of doing whatever they want with their incredible power, the only thing even slightly influencing their magic is the prima materia itself. However, even so, some Unorthodox Magicians are known to worship whatever god is most suitable for their current paradigm and then discard any beliefs they had for said divine entity when necessary, such is the nature of chaos.


Said to be a gift from the stars, eons ago, when it first arrived on Earth Land, the Chaos Arts was supposedly originally an existence close to the The One Magic (一なる魔法, Ichinaru Mahō), or rather, it was an extraterrestrial version of The One Magic as recounted by the Entelexeia (天族(エンテレケイア), Enterekeia lit. Heavenly Tribe), a magic that had full power over the stars and planets- the Chaos Arts came to Earth Land alongside the Entelexia, a "heavenly race" whose main ability was to generate and absorb aether, with them all using the Original Chaos Art as a focus for their element as their entire bodies were formed from aether. However, as it crashed into Earth Land, countless fragments of the magic split off as the Chaos Arts coalesced into Earth Land's version of The One Magic, causing it to suffer a massive downgrade in terms of utility and scope, resulting in the Original Chaos Arts losing its status as a Lost Magic and anything special that the Original Chaos Art once had as an extraterrestrial magic, which was the manipulation of the skies and cosmos with heavenly influence, including all the aspects of the astrological, divine, elemental, mythical and cosmic powers, fragmenting the Original Chaos Art into what is known as the various Chaos Arts that are seen today. The Entelexia slowly died out with only a handful of survivors remaining, with most Entelexia moving on and breeding with various other races - the descendants of the Entelexia and these races are the only ones capable of harnessing the Chaos Arts in their fragmented form - even so, despite their rarity, the Chaos Arts are said to be a force that will last longer than the Black Arts and the White Arts, due to the former being hunted down viciously by Legal Magicians and the like, and the latter just being so scarce thanks to White Arts being so ill-defined. Arriving with the Entelexia upon this world, the Chaos Arts were refined indefinitely even before the Dragon Civil War as to help the Entelexia fight off the domination the dragons wished to inflict upon humanity, and for further conflicts. As such, the Chaos Arts are one of the few types of supernatural power that are capable of harming legendary creatures without being classified as a Slayer Magic.

In some circles, in regards to certain families with Entelexia blood flowing through their veins which is slowly diminishing, the Chaos Arts are passed down from master to student, the successor taking upon a new pupil whom shows a high level of compatibility with the fighting style and repeating the process continuously – across the myriad of eras, numerous Unorthodox Magicians have created Magic Items and temples throughout the world to assist them in training and help one another. Like the Books of Zeref for the Black Arts, the Chaos Arts possess various literary sources with which a magician who already has access to these incredible magics can become more learned in the Chaos Arts and thus increase their aesthetic - like the Books of Zeref, they are Codes (魔道書(コード), Kōdo lit. Grimoire); magical tomes that contain knowledge on sorcery and supernatural theory. As of now, there are only two known Codes in existence that teach about the Chaos Arts, the first one being the "Seraphic Code" (天使羽の魔道書(セラフィック・コード), Serafikku Kōdo lit. Magic Book of Angel Feathers) and the second being the "Eldritch Collection" (混沌学の魔道書(エルドリッチ・コレクション), Erudoritchi Korekushon lit. Magic Book of Chaotic Knowledge). The former is the Chaos Arts' book of secrets, which reveals to the reader the most forbidden and difficult Chaos Arts spells to perform, as well as methods to raise the strength of the user's Chaos Arts. On the other hand, the latter is a list of numbered spells from the more recent Chaos Arts forms, therefore Izanagi Magic Seal Spells are not included in the list. Generally, every user of the Chaos Arts is known to leave a large impact on the course of history, with the very first user revealing the existence of magic to the world, whereas before it was hidden by the "Mageocracy"; an order of magicians who disliked sharing their powers and knowledge with those who couldn't use it and those they saw as lesser than them.

Passive Applications

  • Zodiac Siphon (対外力使いの全十二宮(ゾディアック・サイフォン), Zodiakku Saifon lit. Foreign Power Usage of All Constellations of the Zodiac): Zodiac Siphon is a supplementary ability of the Chaos Arts which is said to be an embodiment of synchronicity with the "sigils of the stars", allowing the caster to use Heavenly Body Magic and Celestial Spirit Magic spells and those related to them such as Urano Metria and Gottfried. When activating Zodiac Siphon, the caster surges the magical energies that dwell within their frame outwards for the briefest of moments, putting ambient particles of eternano suspended within the atmosphere under their thrall while siphoning the essence of their magical power into the environment in order to have that's classified as the properties of their energy hewn from their soul interact with the masses of magical particles in the vicinity as well as their own magical energy, and from here, through mental commands alone, the caster focuses, installing within these energies their thoughts of what lies beyond the earth, space, and everything detailed within that region, enabling them to shift their own magical energies and other particles into the primary energy of Chaos Arts, Sacred Aether. However, from here, the caster manifests their Magic Seal outwards, which is a golden circular crest that possesses various stars and planets engraved within its outer layer and a five-pointed star in the dead center that has its ends attach to the outer layer of the seal; this seal focuses the Sacred Aether of the Chaos Arts and links these wondrous energies to the Eighty-Eight Stars of the Heaven (全天88星, Zenten Hachjūhassei), also known as the eighty-eight constellations (八十八星座, Hachijūhachi Seiza) that are suspended within the skies – as one may have noticed, the Magic Seal of the Chaos Arts and the Magic Seals of Heavenly Body Magic and Celestial Spirit Magic are the exact same with only the slightest of alterations, which is fitting considering that all three magics revolve around the heavens and celestial objects. From here, once the Chaos Arts Magic Seal establishes a link with the constellations, the caster is capable of drawing upon the powers that the celestial energies grant Heavenly Body Magic and Celestial Spirit Magic, granting them the ability to harness the spells and properties of those magics without actually using the magics themselves. This typically manifests in the user of the Chaos Arts using Heavenly Body Magic spells such as Meteor and Altairis through Aether Forge and Black Orbiter respectively, and summoning Summon Beasts in the likeness of the Celestial Spirits through Constellar Summon while allowing them to use spells such as Celestial Cross Fuse and Star Dress with not just these imitations, but their own Summon Beasts as well. Additionally, the permanent integration of Zodiac Siphon into each and every form of the Chaos Arts no matter their wielder also causes the ordinary forms of magic to be considered to be classified as a Chaos Art as well.
  • Break Soul (武神(ブレイク・ソウル), Bureiku Sōru lit. God of Military Arts): Break Soul is a power-amplification type uncategorized spell that's exclusive to wielders of the Chaos Arts that is capable of being added to any form of the Chaos Arts that the caster deems to be suitable – it doubles the power and speed of successive blows as long as they do not miss their mark. In any case, when invoking the power of Break Soul, while the caster is in close-range combat, the wielder of the Chaos Arts focuses intently, invoking the activation sequence of the fighting style by intensifying the volatility of the magical energies that are dwelling within their Magic Origin as to excite them exponentially, before releasing the voluminous quantities of energy outwards from their body ever-so-slightly, all while flaring up their Magical Aura which washes over the immediate vicinity, affecting everything within a certain radius of the caster – the enormous energies that are exuded by the caster's Magical Aura take priority over all other forms of arcane activation sequences no matter their tier, ranging from other Caster Magic, Holder Magic, and even the likes of Lost Magic, with the caster's tremendous surge of supernatural power influencing the ambient particles of eternano which are suspended within the atmosphere and placing it completely under their thrall without any exceptions. All the while, the wielder of the Chaos Arts siphons the very essence of their magical power into the immediate environment in order to have the unique supernatural energy hewn from their soul which is intermingled with their magical energy released outwards that interact with the masses of magical particles in the vicinity as well as their own magical energy, and from here, through mental commands alone, the caster focuses, installing within these energies the unimaginable power of the formless state before the universe's creation as harnessed by the fighting style, transcending the earth and heavens, reaching what lies beyond space and everything that's detailed within that region as they touch the state of the universe before its creation, transmogrifying their own magical energies and all other forms of particles affected by the activation sequence into aether which they then focus upon their body, any of their limbs such as their arms and legs that are utilized for punching and kicking, or their weapon in battle. Once the activation sequence has been finalized, the wielder of the Chaos Arts continues to go about battle as normal, their strikes landing upon the opponent viciously – however, the effect of Break Soul comes into play with each successful blow. From the very first strike that impacts upon the body of their enemy, the kinetic energy, which is effectively the energy that is possessed by any object while in motion and the necessary work that is required for anything at all with a given mass to move from its stillness unleashed by their body's motions and is imparted upon the opponent's helpless frame is significantly amplified, thus increasing the overall power of their strikes, more than doubling the strength, speed, and launching distance of the caster's attacks – this enables the fighter's upper limit for consecutive onslaughts to be raised in a serial, oftentimes striking out in over two hundred blows per second as the power of said attacks are doubled, commonly resulting in anything and anyone whom is unlucky enough to stand before the caster being utterly decimated – a myriad of interchangeable blows are chained together seamlessly like flowing water, rushing forth like lightning crashing down upon the earth as the strength displayed by these innumerable strikes ascends to cataclysmic proportions, terraforming the landscape into a desolate wasteland through their actions. Break Soul commonly results in the invocation of a special action that differs depending on the character in conjunction with the Chaos Art it is tied to, with what occurs during each practitioner's Break Soul differing based on that magician's abilities, but their stamina and magical energy generally recovers as their activation sequences put into effect currently being completed, thus enabling them to continue fighting as normal and removing the required spellcasting duration, with any status ailments such as burns or poison being eliminated. This also results in the Break Soul bestowing a variety of support abilities upon the caster or their target such as healing them or inflicting status conditions. The power doubling effect of Break Soul can continuously add up until the wielder of the Chaos Arts has their strike miss their enemy, at which point the level of power displayed by Break Soul plummets back down to the caster's ordinary strength.

List of Known Chaos Arts

Unbeknownst to many, Chaos Arts have three tiers to them, as explained below. Interestingly, many of the Chaos Arts are simply an expansion of a singular aspect of what the fighting style is capable of doing already - for example, Black Orbiter is the power to manipulate gravity through dense aether using the "Erebus" command taken to the extremes to the point that it could be considered an existence greater than that of Gravity Magic - however, by itself, the base Chaos Arts are still able to manipulate gravity through dense aether, albeit not nearly at the same level of the Chaos Art that specializes around it - at times, this can make the baseline Chaos Arts seem like simply a souped up version of Heavenly Body Magic. However, because of the idea that the Chaos Arts by themselves have limitless potential in regards to what it can do, with its concept being "the manipulation of the skies and cosmos with heavenly influence" and a magician that is capable of harnessing the Chaos Arts being able to draw out several aspects of the magic's original concept and forge unique Chaos Arts derived from the base idea, this results in the Chaos Arts being one of the most versatile forms of overall fighting styles in existence with almost unlimited options to choose from.

However, for all of these boons, the Chaos Arts do have a bit of a drawback in regards to utilization. While the first tier of Chaos Arts are capable of being activated and used simultaneously as they all encompass a singular concept of "manipulation of aether" are simply applications of what the baseline version is able to do taken to their extremes such as using Aether Forge to not only manifest barriers of aether that can shield, absorb, and redirect attacks and of course, creating energy weapons that are hewn from aether and summoning chains of aether in order to assault and constrict an opponent, any tier of Chaos Arts other than the very first one are incompatible, so to speak. That is to say, for example if a magician who wields the Chaos Arts already has manifested an Aether Forge: Acheron Saber and is about to cast some Izanagi Magic Seals in an attempt to take the opponent by surprise, the former will vanish into thin air as two different tiers of Chaos Arts are incapable of being activated at once - but going on from there, even two same higher-level tiers of Chaos Arts cannot coexist in the mortal plane from the Magic Origin of the same caster at once, as doing so would place incredible strain upon the magician's physical and magical powers. For this reason, everything from the Heavenly Arts and upwards are cast by their lonesome.

Typically, thanks to the malleability of the aether generated through the Chaos Arts, more often than not, a single Chaos Art is an "aether version" of a pre-established magic; for example, Light Magic and Light-Make replace Aether Forge, Teleportation Magic mimic Aetherial Translocation, Requip imitate Divine Armament, and Gravity Magic replaces Black Orbiter – however, there are no alternate forms for the Heavenly Arts and upwards, as everything from that point onwards draws upon the true power of the cosmos.

Basic Chaos Arts

The first tier is the unnamed basic tier that encompasses a majority of the fighting style, and while they can still be powerful, they are very basic in nature. Most of the basic arts can be adapted into higher tiers.

Magic User Permission needed
Constellar SummonLisette AznableFree Use
Aether ForgeLisette AznableFree Use
Black OrbiterLisette AznableFree Use
Celestial Spirit MagicUnknownFree Use
Heavenly Body MagicUnknownFree Use
Stellarknight ChangeLisette AznableFree Use
Izanagi Magic SealsAtrax Noctua
Vile Malvagio
Lisette Aznable
Free Use

Heavenly Arts

Secondary to this are the Heavenly Arts (真・混沌泰の星々(ヘブンリ・アーツ), Hebunri Ātsu lit. True Chaotic Authority over the Stars and the Planets), which are the name of a series of advanced Chaos Arts – they can be considered a Chaos Art equivalent to the Extremities of Elemental Magic and the Secret Arts of Slayer Magic. The Heavenly Arts enable the caster to draw upon the magical power from the celestial bodies to the mortal plane of Earth Land, resulting in a vastly more powerful attack as it siphons magical energies from the stars, converting the heat and light of stars and meteors into aether in order to imitate said celestial objects and reproduce them in the current plane of existence. The Heavenly Arts are more difficult to master than basic Chaos Arts and are more complex in nature; along with this, the Heavenly Arts display incredible destructive force. However, they are still not high enough ranking magics that they can't be adapted to stronger variations.

Magic User Permission needed
Starvader EyeVita SturmfaustUnique
Arcane ModeLisette AznableUnique
Raintive OrionTBAFree Use
Aetherial TranslocationLisette AznableFree Use

Legendary Planetary Arts

Finally, there is the Legendary Planetary Arts (真・混沌泰の星々・覇惑星現(レジェンダリー・プラネタリ・アーツ), Regendarī Puranetari Ātsu lit. True Chaotic Authority over the Stars and the Planets: Supreme Planetary Embodiment), which are the absolute strongest Chaos Arts spells. They are far beyond any other iteration of Chaos Arts, and perhaps some of the most powerful "elemental" spells to exist. The Legendary Planetary Arts are said to be leftover remnants of the Original Chaos Art, awakening within select users whose destinies are tied to the stars – the process is at random, but a chosen wielder will receive a powerful surging sensation that echoes throughout their body, causing them to momentarily collapse once they obtain a member of the Legendary Planetary Arts. It is said that if a user of the Legendary Planetary Arts defeats another wielder, then they will obtain the spell of the one whom they had achieved victory over, and when all nine Legendary Planetary Arts have been gathered within a single magician, the Original Chaos Art will awaken once more. The naming convention of the Legendary Planet Arts are "The (adjective) PLANET", using English words written instead of katakana or the like. The Legendary Planetary Arts consist of eight spells, each one representing a planet, plus the sun for the strongest spell of all. The spells are named accordingly, with all of them possessing some sort of reference to their respective planet (or star in the sun's case) within their names and effects – physically manifesting the astral body in this plane of existence whereas they were originally thought to be incapable of being reached by humanity. The Legendary Planetary Arts will last as long as there is ambient eternano saturated within the atmosphere, as the spells of the Legendary Planetary Arts constantly draw ambient eternano from the atmosphere in order to power their usage, making each spell more and more powerful for every second that passes. However, the Legendary Planetary Arts do have a certain drawback; whenever the user harnesses their power, the spells sap a small amount of life from the wielder.

Magic User Permission needed
The Hopeful EARTHTBAUnique
The Shining MERCURYTBAUnique
The Blazing MARSTBAUnique
The Lovely VENUSTBAUnique
The Shocking JUPITERTBAUnique
The Gigantic SATURNTBAUnique
The Despairing URANUSTBAUnique
The Washing NEPTUNETBAUnique
The Almighty SUNLisette AznableUnique


  • The symbol of Chaos Arts is the chaosphere, a symbol for modern chaos magic.
  • Similar to modern-day chaos magic, Chaos Arts is named after the Greek primordial god, Chaos.
  • Chaos Arts are unorthodox forms of magic, which means they are not accepted among other mages due to the ways they are acquired. This idea stemmed from modern chaos magic's emphasis on the creation of new and unorthodox methods of magical practices.
  • The Chaos Arts originally belonged to Tenshi, a user who was here for a few months back in the old days of Fairy Tail Fanon. However, after four years, Per decided that she'd take over the Chaos Arts and expand upon what was there.
  • The "Abstraction" and "Generation" commands utilize "æther" in two ways it has been described: as a "pure essence" and a non-material ("void") or in relation to αἴθω, meaning "to incinerate, burn, or shine" ("light"); respectively. Therefore, some spells create "emptiness" or "voids," while others destroy through what appears to be bright light.
  • While the so-called Original Chaos Art is so far unknown and unobtainable by anyone, it is heavily implied that Lisette Aznable's peculiar form of Spirit Slayer Magic known as Tachyon Spirit Slayer Magic is the Original Chaos Art due to the nature of its creation and the ties both the Future Spirits and Ultimate White have to the Entelexia and the Chaos Arts in general.

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