Chaos Magic is a type of magic that uses both Light and Dark magic to produce devastating attacks.

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Chaos Magic



Caster Magic


Seth Knighthorn
Ichi Murasaki


Chaos Magic is formed when a compatible host (in this case, Seth) possesses the aptitude to utilize both Light and Dark magic. Chaos Magic can take either a physical form to produce powerful and destructive attacks, and can also be used as supplementary magic. Chaos magic is characterized by swirling Dark and Light energy in all of it's spells.

In order to use Chaos Magic, the caster must use Dark Magic in one hand and Light Magic in the other, then bring them together to form Chaos Magic spells.


  • Chaos Shockwave - Creates a blast of glowing light and dark energy that expands outwards in a set direction for massive damage.
  • Chaos Barrier - Forms a barrier of light and dark energy that protects Seth from most forms of attack.
  • Chaos Blade - Creates one or multiple swords made up of chaos energy that Seth can either wield or have fly around him. The blades are stronger than regular swords in terms of striking force but are fairly brittle.
  • Sonata of the End - Seth calls forth many tendril-like arms composed of chaos energy that attack the opponent.

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