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Claw Magic
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Kazuki Tsukimori
Amelia Keizen
Akage Chitsume
Altair Duskblade
Zakuro Genshida

Claw Magic (爪魔法, Tsume Mahō) is a Caster Magic which allows the user to create long metal claws on their body, usually the hands. They have extreme cutting ability and durability. The claws can also have supplementary abilities such as creating energy beams from them and even make them become phantom like. It can also be used as a Holder Magic, such as utilizing a pair of equipped claws in order to enhance the user's power.

A variant of this magic formed by Amelia Keizen is the condensation of magical power to the user's fingertips, causing an enhancement in their own capabilities via a stream of magic being used to reinforce their "scratching" motions, allowing for enhanced cutting capabilities and various other techniques. This magical aura surrounding their nails is usually that of their own magical energy.


Bastet's Spells

  • Slashing Sunlight (日光を削減, Nikkō o Sakugen): by concentrating sunlight in her claws, Bastet slashes the air infront of her and launches five-to-ten beams at the target. This can only be done during the day.
  • Slashing Moonlight (月光を削減, Gekkō o Sakugen): by concentrating moonlight in her claws, Bastest slashes the air infront of her and fires five-to-ten beams at her opponent. This can only be done at night.

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