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Clyde Mana is an S-Class level mage from the Masquerade Guild and a member of Team Ragnarok.



Clyde is a tall man with a lean build to him. He has saphire eyes, long blue hair and painted blue nails. Clyde wears a long white robe with blue trimming and a small cape placed over his shoulders with blue and gold trimming. He wears grey pants under the robe and high top white boots with blue trimming. He also has a blue scarf and a similar accessory around his waiste. He often has a mono-toned facial expression, unless he meets someone for the first time; in that case he smiles moderately.


So far, Clyde seems to be very polite and gives compliments out easily; seen when he said that Emilly Rosaria was more like an Emerald Rose than a Clover. He is also seen speaking in a semi-formal tongue with most people.


Destiny's Silk

Magic and Abilities

Extreme Speed and Reflexes: During his battle with Shura, Clyde was dodging each one of Shura's Wind Blades with incredible ease. It is unknown whether this is a type of magic or his basic speed. He was also able to defend against Shura's Razor Cage spell by castin chain magic around his body at the last second

Chain Magic:

Full-Body Bola: Clyde materializes a blue ball and chain which he can use for offensive and deffensive purposes; usually used to restrain opponents.

Teleportation Magic

Although only seen once as of yet, Clyde was witnessed teleporting into the air above Shura.

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