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Coming of Tripedal Arc
Coming of tripedal
Arc Info
Series Vestige of Legends
Chapters Welcome to Phoenix Fireheart - (Ongoing)
Writer Shiyugotenshi
Editor None
Arc Guide

Coming of Tripedal Arc is the first storyline arc of Vestige of Legends.


Atrax Noctua has grown since he has first exited the cave. He has now become the guild ace of Phoenix Fireheart, an Unorthodox Guild under the leadership of the Mastermind, Ennoia Phroneo. During his time in the guild, Atrax has befriended Masson Yaju, Nukumi Kartos, and Drakōn Ensui. Despite the growing of the guild, the world still sees them as unconventional mages and criminals who deserve to be set apart from society. These feelings are only made worse by a group of Unorthodox called the "Tripedal," who wreak havoc and speak of "a world as the Demi-Gods intended." Atrax and his comrades now need to counter the Tripedal. However, this encounter will bring up Atrax's dark past, and his dormant hatred and sadness will be brought back to the surface.



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