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Corrosion Purger Magic



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Corrosion Purger Magic is a form of Purger magic


Corrosion Purger allows its user to transform their body or parts of their body into a green liquid poison. The user is also able to create a limitless supply of the liquid as well no matter their current state of being. This poison can be manipulated in any way the user wishes, which due to its nature as both a liquid and a poison makes it very deadly. The user is able to consume any and all forms of poison and venom to strengthen themselves, or to re-empower themselves in instances where they are out of power.

While they are in the transformed state, the user is nearly immune to physical damage due to their body being constructed of a liquid. In addition they can split apart into multiples, and even shapeshift.


  • Kiss of Death: The user kisses a person, lacing their saliva with a potent neurotoxin before hand.
  • Corrosion Blade: While in their transformed or semi transformed state the user turns their forarm into a large blade.
    • Corrosion Blade Stance of Destruction: The user transforms both arms into Corrosion Blades and focuses their magical power into them to the extent the blades glow white. They then lunge at their opponent and do a spinning slice decimating everything in a 5 foot perimiter, and spreading their poison an additional 5 feet past that.

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