Cross Magic



Kurosu Mahō


Caster Magic


Barbara W. James

Cross Magic (クロス魔法, Kurosu Mahō) is a Caster Magic utilised by the Guild Master of Death's Head Caucus Guild Barbara W. James.


This magic is similar to Repel Magic but on a more particular scale, as it requires an incantation to repel a certain thing. This thing can refer to solids, liquids, gases and even magic or emotion. The user can also repel objects with magic circles and by creating orbs of magic. The Incantations are listed below:-

  • Solid: Make your unholy name (あなたの不道徳な名前を作る, No Fudōtokuna Namae O Tsukuru) (lit.Making a name for your immoral)
  • Liquid: Race against your dreams (あなたの夢との闘い, No Yume To no Tatakai) (lit.Your dreams and fight.)
  • Gases': My eyes are bleeding (私の目は出血している, Watashi no Me Wa Shukketsu Shite Iru)
  • Magic':The house is falling (家は低下している,Ie wa teika shite iru) (lit. the house has declined)
  • 'Feelings and Emotion: On his coitus, I fear' (彼の性交で、私は恐れている, Kare no Seikō De, Watashi Wa Osorete Iru) (lit.Intercourse with him, I'm afraid)


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