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結晶の造形魔法 (クリスタルメイク)


Kesshou no Zokei Mahō


Caster Magic


Richard Aria
Raian Slade

Crystal-Make (結晶の造形魔法 (クリスタルメイク), Kesshō no Zokei Mahō (Kurisutarumeiku)) is a form of Caster Magic in the Molding Magic sub-category of magic. It allows the user to solidify their magical power into a crystalline form and create structures out of it in only moments. These structures can be used for a diverse range of uses and are easily switched by "recycling" the crystal used to make an object and adding the appropriate amount of crystal for another. The user may also switch their surroundings into a crystalline state for brief moments before their magical power is consumed and, unlike Ice-Make, doesn't have separate branches, but rather, it can be used in any manner and all is dependent on the users imagination. Richard has shown to use one-hand for the creation of his constructs, although it is unknown if two-hands are more efficient than one.


Richard's Spells

  • Crystal-Make: Tower (塔 (タワー) Tawaa): In this technique, Richard uses his magic to crystallise a large tower from his position, allowing for a surprise attack and a potent defence. He has then shown to transmute this tower into several other objects in only moments.
  • Crystal-Make: Sword (刃 (スベタ) Subeta): In this technique, Richard creates either a single or multiple crystalline blades which possess remarkable cutting power.
  • Crystal-Make: Javelin (槍 (ジャベリン) Jaberin): Richard creates a sharp spear with his Crystal-Make, it has a large amount of piercing power and can shatter through many defences.
  • Crystal-Make: Floor (床 (フロア) Furoa) This technique creates a floor made out of crystal, it is highly slippery and has nearly no friction. This makes it very advantageous against ground mages, he however, is immune to the magic's effect, making it advantageous to him.
  • Crystal-Make: Scalpel (刀 (メス) Mesu) In this technique, Richard creates replacement scalpels to use in conjuction with his Disease Scalpel. These scalpels are much more efficient due to being able to empower a much higher concentration of magical power into these scalpels, causing a more intense negative status to an opponent.
  • Crystal-Make: Aquamarine (アクアマリン Akuamarin): Richard, through unknown means creates a large body of water around him and his opponent. his is magical water which can even put out Apollo's Dark Flames.

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