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Holder Type


Ayaka Etsuko

Cutter Magic is a form of holder magic which is utilized by Ayaka Etsuko. It is used through her special dagger, it basically allows her to cut foe from a distance and rarely up close e g: releasing sharp waves of magical energy or even create solid blades of magical energy. Ayaka utilizes it in conjunction with her Aeon Eye Magic to predict the foe's movements and then slash the foe with this magic.


Ayaka Etsuko

  • Spin Cutter: Her knife's blade glows white and she spins it in her hand and it releases multiple sharp white discs that easily cut through steel.
  • Flash Cutter: her blade glows blue and she points it at the foe and creates a magic circle in front of it and then she fires a blast of blue energy that cuts anything it hits to shreds
  • Length Cutter: she points her knife at the foe and creates a magic circle in front of it and fires a long glowing white blade from it piercing the target.
  • Spitting Cutter: her knife glows white and the she points it at the enemy and creates a magic circle in front of it and fires multiple glowing white blades from it.
  • Wave Cutter: she waves her knife in a side like motion releasing blue slicing blades from it easily slicing through metal and even magic.

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