Dahlia Seki

Dahlia Seki is an S-Class wizard from the Quatro Cerberus Guild and is partnered with Suzie Makimoto and Shino Menura.


She has blue eyes and salmon coloured hair. She wears a brown hat with goggles on it, a bra, golden neclace, black leather trousers, a gourd strapped to her belt, black elbow length fingerless gloves with metal plates on them, a golden bracelet and no shoes.


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Magic and Abilities

Sand Magic

Her main form of magic allows her to manipulate sand for various resons and she usually incorporates her magical hammer into it from whirling sand about or grinding boulders into dust.

  • Sand Shield: She spins her hammer which makes sand spin around with it and then becoming solid into a circular shield. She can also use this technique by just swinging her hammer or even her hands forming different sized and shaped shields
  • Sand Shooter: She fires small orbs of sand at the enemy with either her hand or her hammer.
  • Desert Coffin: she waves her hand making sand wrap around the enemy trapping their entire body and them she strikes it with her hammer smashing the sand and everything inside it to pieces.
  • Sandstorm: She either smashes her hammer of of something or waves her hand creating a sandstorm that can also gather together for other attacks.
  • Sand Wall: She waves her hammer making a hard wall of condensed sand rise up from the ground.
  • Sand Pillar: She creates a magic circle in front of her hammer and swings it against it causing a huge blast of sand to rush at the opponent.


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