Daichi Roland was the son of Karen Kitsune and Shohei Roland.


Not much is known about Daichi's childhood. However, when his father was killed, his mother enchanted his life force so that when he died, his soul would be reincarated within the next the next male in the family. He currently resides within Reikon Roland. During his time of life, he was a well respected mage. Daichi passed away through old age.


As a young man, Daichi had black spiked hair and often wore a traditional navy blue Gi with a white trimming. As an adult, Daichi wore a darker Gi and had short black hair with a scar on his hairline in the shape of a crescent

Daichi as a young boy

moon. He also had a spear wrapped up on his back.


Daichi was loud-mouthed as a boy. However, as he go older, he became more serious. He is at times very wittey towards Reikon, and has developed a good relationship while within him.

Magic and Abilities

It is still unknown what type of magic Daichi used, however, he is seen creating cubes, prisms, and spheres of magic around targets and himself that de. Other than that, Daichi was a calculative and keen mage which was basically his trademark in history.


Daichi is considered by Reikon, to be the fallen angel on his shoulder.

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