"Endlessly judging you."

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"Within the forest of life, lies but one hint of death"
Daniel Mokusei
Daniel Mokusei Better
Name Daniel Mokusei
Kanji ダニエル木精
Rōmaji Danieru Mokusei
Race Human
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Weight 76kg
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Purple
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Fraus Lumen
Occupation Dark Mage
Partner Raishun Kanzaki
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Magic Bacteria Magic

Daniel Mokusei (ダニエル木精 Danieru Mokusei "Lit": God is my Judge, Made of Wood) is a mage of Fraus Lumen and partner of Raishun Kanzaki and Liam Ray, making an unofficial team known by the name: Team Apprehension. He is known for his particular form of magic that is very rare among common mages; seemingly learned from his mentor a few years ago.

Character Outline

Daniel takes a rather childish appearance despite his status as a Dark Mage. He is quite lanky and is of average height; possessing brown hair and golden eyes which are normally covered through the large distinctive bone mask that appears to be a bird's head, with feathers protruding from behind it. He tends to wear a standard green kosode under a brown haori, with a pair of green hakama and a pair of sandals. He appears to wear strange black gloves that seem to help him against the effects of his magic.

Daniel is generally a rather calm, contempt individual who normally keeps silent at the erratic actions of his compatriots. Normally it appears that he would stay in the background, only actively contributing when something directly causes harm or benefit to his own well-being. However; when he does speak, he speaks with a rather childish manner of talking. It would normally appear that things entertain him quite easily, and that he is capable of engaging in most activities without any real hindrance to himself or others.



Powers and Abilities

Bacteria Magic (ばい菌魔法 Baikin Mahō) is the form of magic Daniel utilizes. He appears to wear special gloves with them as to not provoke the effects to cause harm to him. By infusing his magical power into the environment surrounding him, he is able to create different forms of bacteria that are able to cause different ailments or benefits dependent on their function. Daniel is skilled enough in this magic to use it as his primary form of magic; fighting with a stationary position to use it to its optimum range.

Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant:


Behind the Scenes