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"It's as the old saying goes: "There's always evil running deep in one's veins." Who knew it can be so.... literal."
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Dark Blood Magic
Dark Blood Magic



Kuraichi no Mahō


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Dark Blood Magic (暗い血の魔法, Kuraichi no Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Elemental Magic, and one of the myriad variations of the infamous Black Arts. A Subspecies Magic, it's often described as a vile and corrupt form of Blood Magic, which was created during the "Dark Era" of the Magical World; this makes it one of the few remnants of such a time, its existence known to a handful of Dark Mages. It's also called the "Sanguine Essence of Insanity" (狂気の血赤体, Kyōki no Kōakatai) and "Corruptive Veins of the Devil" (悪魔の腐敗静脈, Akuma no Fuhaijōmyaku) because of its long-term effects on those exposed to it: casters, victims, or otherwise. Typically destructive in nature, as its "madness" can be spread like a plague, it's branded as a Forbidden Magic by the Magic Council and most governmental bodies.

As the name would imply, it allows the caster to produce a substance referred to as "Vile Blood of Sin" (罪血, Zaiketsu) from their bodies, manipulating as an extension of themselves. Interestingly enough, the Vile Blood of Sin is produced by utilizing either Magical Barrier Particles or one's negative emotions, the former being more potent; this also makes Dark Blood Magic one of the few magics that makes use of the aforementioned, despite its nature as "Anti-Magic".


Production | Formation

Dark Blood Magic - Overview I

A user producing black blood from various pores and orifices from their body in a errie manner.

Psychological Effects

Dark Blood Magic - Psychological Side-Effects

A user's darker personage manifesting because of their prolonged exposure to the black blood.


Dark Blood Magic - Transformation

When the magic is mastered, the undergoing a unique transformation — draped in the magic itself and no longer suffering from its side-effects.


Dark Blood Magic - Backlash

Like all Black Arts, a user's very being starts to disintegrates from prolonged usage, regardless of their level of mastery.

Vile Sanguine God

"Foolish mortal...... what makes you think I'm your ally? I'm the embodiment of insanity hidden in the sinful blood you wield ever so freely. I give you this power in hopes of proving that all humans are greedy individuals; think of it as a trial of sorts. The fact that we're having this conversation right now is either one of two reasons: your body is fully corrupted and I will swallow you whole or I've taken a slight interest in you, seeing how you've tamed my power. Unfortunately, like all the past users, it's the former. But fret not; as solace for your incompetence, I will let you see the visage of the being that will consume your entirety until there's nothing left."
— The Vile Sanguine God exposing his existence to a previous wielder shortly before their demise.
Dark Blood Magic - Living Entity

The Vile Sanguine God's appearance as he makes conversation with a user in their mindscape.


  • This is wholly based on Black Blood article from the anime/manga series, Soul Eater; it's considered to be one of the author's favorite concepts out of all the anime and manga he's ever seen or read.
  • The author can't deny that there's an exact concept on this site, created by HB, one of the more well-known editors on FTF, best noted for his series — Fairy Tail: Vice, where said concept is often mentioned at various points in the story. However, the only difference between this article and said author's is that his version is artificial while this one is more magic-based.
  • It should be noted that if there are any similarities between the two, it's unintentional on the creator's part.
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