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Dark Summon



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Dark Summon (ダーク召喚, Dāku Shōkan) is a Caster Type magic utilised by Podarite member Alchemi


This form of Darkness Magic allows the caster to create humanoid soldiers composed of darkness that can absorb others' magical energy. He can also use the stolen magical energy to increase his Rizen magic. This is similar to Jose Porla's style of darkness magic.


  • Shadow Soldiers: Using this ability Alchemi is able to create humanoid soldiers out of the surronding shadows that he can manipulate the bodies of. These shadow soldiers are able to absorb magic from their targets through touch.
  • Shadow Experiments: One of Alchemi's experiments as Head of Podarite's Research and Development is to implant a special type of lacrima that Alchemi created known as AI lacrima. By implanting these lacrima into Shadow soldiers they develop a level of intelligence and are able to act independently of Alchemi. As they have a certain degree of intelligence most of the Research and Development Division are experimental Shade Soldiers The lacrima serve as a battery of sorts for the experimental Shadow Soldiers, providing them with a limited amount of magic energy that sustains them. The lacrima are an almost perfect power source the only problem being that he needs to replace the lacrima every year or so.

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