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Darkness Charm magic



Holder Magic


Kurosuke Raiga

Darkness Charm Magic (闇札魔法 Yamifuda Mahō) is a Holder Magic wielded by Kurosuke Raiga.


A Holder Magic that uses the pendant that Kurosuke wields as a basis. The pendant itself holds a strange curse, which causes anything its magical power to make contact with to become "tainted", in a sense. Kurosuke uses his own body as a basis to increase the range of the said magical power, which he then increases further through the use of his scythe, Yogari. In doing so, Kurosuke is able to cause any inanimate object, such as weapons, or even spells lower than his own volume of power to be afflicted by the power of the cursed medallion, which in turn allows him to wield it considering he is its host. Because of the strange properties of the medallion, the afflicted item in question morphs its appearance to suit Kurosuke's own needs. For example, if he were to make contact with a straight-edged blade with a silver color, his magical power would morph its appearance to become more serrated, almost like a chainsaw, and would darken it to a deep black. Kurosuke has integrated this magic cleverly into his fighting style; employing the use of it in an initial conflict to ascertain the maneuvers, strengths and weaknesses of his enemy before exploiting them and beating them quickly and without restraint. Because of the manner in which he uses the magic, melee combat appears to provide him the greatest advantage.

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