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"Learn to listen more than you speak. That's why God gave us two ears and one mouth"

Destiny's Silk is a storyline currently being written by <(^.^<) , primerily concentrating on fan-fictional characters asside from those from the Fairy Tail canon. However, it may have some references to the official Fairy Tail manga storylines.


Masquerade is a guild founded and built by Sheik Loxart in an attempt to build a new family for his younger sister Tethys. Now it is that, as well as, a place that many people, both common humans and mages, call a home. As a guild it is descretely, yet rapidly, growing into becoming one of the most efficient and powerful guilds in Bosco. There is no 1 specific protagonist, as in this story you will find all the members of this guild struggling to confront their demons, both past and present. Join this unique and colorful group of people in their journey in discovering how their lives are slowly becoming intertwined in the cloth of destiny.


Part 1


5 Days of Fury