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Digital requip

Caster/Holder, Archive Magic Variant



Digital Requip is a Caster/Holder, variant of Archive Magic that allows its user to materialize digital items from their Archive Database, much like Requip Magic and its pocket dimensions. To activate this magic, one must bear an item which can be used as a medium to store digitally created items into the Archive Databse. The larger the item, the larger the Database, and the stronger materialized items can be. The items within the Archive Database require about a year to construct, depending on the calibur of the item. Also, there are several laws that are impossible to break when constructing these items. The only known user of this magic is SEAM of the Masquerade Guild.

Laws of Construction

  • It is impossible to requip more than one item at a time.
  • A single requipted item can only have one magic stored within it, if any at all.
  • A set of items is considered to be one entire item.

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