Divinity is the magic utilized by the Heiwa. It involves the user taking a small amount of their energy and using it to either create a power that they can manipulate or increase their own physical powers far beyond the capability of ordinary strengthening spells. While it's not impossible for a Heiwa to utilize both forms of Divinity, only the most powerful masters are capable of using both, most of which are members of the Nine.

Divinity Types

Body Type

Holy Eyes: The Divinity used by Strelkiluk Armi. It drastically increases Strelki's eyesight so much that he is able to see several miles all around him. Strelki is able to not only through obstructions and illusions, but he is also able to peer inside of his opponent's heart and sense their emotions.

Caster Type

Ink Environment: A Divinity magic used by Raian Eragon, it allows him to create an Ink world, which he can manipulate to his likings.

Behemoth Mountain: This is the Divinity utilized by Topor Rottura. It allows him to form the earth into a large suit of armor that he is able to freely manipulate by absorbing minerals from the earth.

Materialization: This is the second Divinity used by Strelkiluk Armi. It allows him create things from his mind, commonly used to create gun and special bullets.

Symphonic Seal: This is the Divinity used by Ongaku Insegnante. By playing different notes on his sanshin Ongaku is able to seal a variety of things for example, his opponent's powers or body or even his allies fear or pain.

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