Dorian Gretto
Name Dorian Gretto
Kanji ドリアングレタ
Romanji Dorian Guretto
Race Human
Birthday 5th March
Age 18
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Magenta/White
Blood Type O+
Unusual Features Ductail Hairdo
Professional Status
Affiliation Honeybee Guild
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Occupation Musician/Mage
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Partner Crystal Mayweather
Personal Status
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Magic Sound Magic, Guitar Magic, Bind Snake
Alias Dorian the Fox Tip
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Dorian Gretto the Fox Tip'' is a Major protagonist in Fairy Tail: Golden Hive . A candidate to be an S-Class mage in the Honeybee Guild . He is also a talented guitarist and usually performs in the guild's main hall along with Kazuki Tsukimori. He is also a former member of Blue Pegasus but decided to leave for unspecified reasons.


Dorian has the typical appearance of a lead guitarist, with a short magenta ducktail hairdo with a white tip, similar to that of a fox's tail gaining him the monicker Fox Tip. His eyes are blue and is said to have a smile that shines more than the stars in the heavens, one of the many reasons why he is the object of Crystal's affections.

Being former mage of blue pegasus he has a beautiful appearance with a soft complexion and eyes which are as blue as pools of water sodeep that you can't even see the bottom yet another romantic quotation from Crystal. He wears black leather skinny trousers, blue boots and a blue and white jacket with a zipper around the neck and a golden triangle zip.

He is almost always seen with his electric guitar which he normally carries around his back with the neck pointing towards his feet. It is a shade of orange, yellow and red with a black plate on it. his guild member stamp is located on his neck, it is blue.




Search for Crystal arc

Magic and Abilities

Guitar Magic : His magic which allows him to manipulate the properties of his instrument, this involves playing music on his Guitar which can have different effects such as possessing the opponent, creating sound waves with the potential to destroy buildings. He also auguments this with his sound magic.


Sound Magic : A magic which allows him to control sounds and manipulate them in various ways such as stunning foes to destroying buildings. He can also use this to boost his guitar magic. When he releases his spells he creates white notes.


Bind Snake : He also possess a sealing magic, bind snake which allows him to place a snake tattoo on the enemy which writhes up their body and restricts their movement. It also squeezes tighter on command. He has also demonstrated that he can extend the tattoo as a whip.


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