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Name Dr.Hari
Kanji ドクターハーリー
Rōmaji Dokutā Hārī
Race Human
Birthday 2nd December
Age 37
Gender Male
Height Unkown
Weight Unkown
Eyes Black
Hair Silver
Blood Type Rh-
Unusual Features Large screw protruding from head, stiches all over body
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself, Magic Council
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Researcher, Scientist, Father
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations None, wandering {Formerly laboratory in the Pilacan mountain range.
Personal Status
Relatives Ōkina Hozuki (Artificial Daughter)
Marital Status Single
Alias Stitch-Man(シュティッヒの男, Shutihhi no otoko)
Magic Archive, Lightning Magic

Dr. Hari (ドクターハーリー, Dokutā Hārī) is a neutral character in the story Meanigful Quests . He is a scientist working for the Magic Council and is responsible for creating the clockwork being Ōkina Hozuki, making him her 'father'. He is also known as the Stitch-Man ( シュティッヒの男, shutihhi no otoko) due to the amount of stitches on his body and clothing.


Hari does not appear to be nice or menacing, his silky grey hair not in a particular style but messed up and untidy and his eyes a warm shade of brown. He has a large screw protruding from his head and he is usually found twisting it, it is unkown if this is for a specific purpose or just a bad habit.

On his face there is a stich and his glasses often gleam with the light so that his eyes are not visible. He wears a form fitting vest with multiple stitches on it and the different parts of the vest are different shades of brown. His Trousers are either a dark navy or black with hardly visible stitches on them. He also dons black shoes and a typical scientists white lab coat with his signature stitches on it.




Turn back the Clock Arc

Magic and Abilities

He is a very exceptional mage and scientist as he has shown his ability by creating Okina Hozuki, a clockwork being of an unkown generation. He can also subdue her with one strike and utilize several magics in conjunction with his martial arts.

  • Martial Arts Skills: He can utilize quick and powerful martial arts skills to subdue a 4000 tonne magical robot. He usually increases his martial arts with his lightning magic.
  • Science Expertise: He has enough science knowledge to create a magical life form generated with gears inside it's body.
  • Archive: He can also utilize archive magic in the midst of battle and summon a magical keyboard and screen with a wave of his hand and research anything in mere seconds.
  • Lightning Magic: He can create surges of yellow/green lightning through his body, the air and even objects. The can be powerful enough to assisst in knocking out Okina Hozuki with one hit. Albeit she was already charged with lightning making her electrocuted even more.