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Draco Argentum
Name Draco Argentum
Race Human
Birthday May 2nd
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Weight 165
Eyes Blue
Hair Golden Blonde
Blood Type
Unusual Features Black "Contract Mark" on the right side of his face
Professional Status
Personal Status
Magic Fire Magic
Silver Dragon Slayer
Image Gallery


Draco is slightly above average height and has a lean figure. He has medium length spikey gold blonde hair, though the spikes converge more on the right side of his head, with only a few on the left, with bangs that cover the right side of his face, hiding his dark blue eyes. On the right side of his face is a large swirling black tattoo like mark, mostly hidden by his bangs. He wears a black sleeveless shirt and dark blue pants, in addition to a large white trench coat and a long blue scarf around his neck, hiding the lower half of his face


Magic and Abilities

Contract Magic: At a young Age Draco formed a contract with a Fire Elemental, gaining powerful Fire based magic in the process.

Silver Dragon Slayer: At an unknown point Draco gained the power of Silver Dragon Slayer. The exact method of his gaining of this power is unknown, and he has made such liberal use of it its full extent is a mystery. Oddly he seems to lack the "signature" Dragon Slayer attacks.


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