Draco Del Fatorey
Xanxus id by happybeejrr-d375mxk
Name Draco Del Fatorey
Race Human
Birthday February 14th
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 6'4
Weight 143Ibs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Blood Type A+
Unusual Features Burn mark on left cheek
Professional Status
Affiliation Neptune Guild
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Guild Member
Previous Occupation Student
Team Team Raikou
Partner Shade Stillnight
Base of Operations Neptune Guild
Personal Status
Relatives TBA
Marital Status Single
Alias The Bullet Storm
Magic The Gunner (Requip),

Guns Magic


Draco is seen with full-body scars inflicted by the constant clashes with 'The Inferno', the most recognizable one is the large one on his left cheek. His hair is rather spiky and grown out. He also wears an unusual uniform jacket on his shoulders, much like a cape. He matches it with a white dress shirt, black pants, and a loosely knotted tie, along with black boots. His boots are laced-up, and later, he is seen in boots with exaggerated fold-over cuffs, similar to pirate boots.


Draco is more of a shoot first ask question's later kind of guy. He has joy in beating people at shooting range's and takes pride in his mass variety of weapons. He tends to fall asleep on an hourly basis if he isn't excited enough, forming a large weakness when he get's bored in a fight. He takes large pride in his strength usually challenging anyone above his rank, even to go as far as to challenge the Guild Ace's everytime they make an appearance. Despite this Draco has been proven to be a formidable long ranged fighter when his friends are in trouble, pulling off headshot's from over 90 miles on ground.

(Will write more soon!!)



Magic and Abilities





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